Objective C Programming Tutorial – 14 – Nested for Loops

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20 responses to “Objective C Programming Tutorial – 14 – Nested for Loops”

  1. James Whyte Avatar

    You truly have a gift for teaching it's incredible.

  2. Jeffrey Monaco Avatar

    Hankies are NASTTYYY!:)

  3. Sai Arunesh Avatar

    Can u give me the link for the comipiler that you are using

  4. Eliot Mason Avatar

    Thumbs up for Hankie!!!!

  5. 11swallowedinthesea Avatar

    @03:19: True, but I would say just add the curly braces regardless of statements or not because you may return to add statements later, and when you do, the curly braces are already there to begin with. Also it's more easier to add them in just, lol. 

  6. Dyllan Angemi Avatar

    "And I'n not gonna pause it either"
    "Where's my hanky, where's my hanky"

  7. Soran Bilbas Avatar

    You know what Bucky Roberts?! You're funny more than enough… Glad you found your girlish hanky… You have granted respect and admiration from most of your subscribers and non-subscribers… Well done and keep it up…

  8. S Z Avatar

    4:13 "Where's my hanky? Where's my hanky?"

  9. Asad Shamlan Avatar

    i wish you were teaching in my class! and Bucky, you made the programming sounds more interesting than before.

  10. vibol moeung Avatar

    no worries! I figured it out, to count out number instead of repeating number, NSLog(@"%i", b);

  11. vibol moeung Avatar

    if you are adding B++ in the second for loop??

  12. vibol moeung Avatar

    Why does it print out the same number each time, and not count out till it reaches userNum input?

  13. theanrkiss Avatar

    yo I heard you like loops, so i put a loop within a loop within a loop that loops the loop while looping the loop

  14. hiep duong Avatar

    you teach really well, Buck.
    Thanks for your tutorials, i know a bit about C now, it's killing me but your tutorials helps a lot

  15. Eng. Rona Avatar

    thank is avery little word to you
    realy thank you very very very very much,God guide and protect you
    rana from Egypt

  16. thebeelz Avatar

    it's his non pubescent voice

  17. TheAcstdesnhorw Avatar

    Thanks so much anyway….though he had already told me..:)

  18. russjr08 Avatar

    In case you didn't figure out, the program he is using is called "XCode" and can be found on the Mac App Store for free.

  19. ErichLancaster Avatar

    Bucky, the topic of loops is common to most programming languages. I often wonder, do you get bored of teaching the same thing in different languages?

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