Objective C Programming Tutorial – 16 – do Statements

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44 responses to “Objective C Programming Tutorial – 16 – do Statements”

  1. Priyanka Banerjee Avatar

    Hi guys,

    Can anyone tell, Still we can use scanf in ios11. If not what we can use instead of scanf in ios11(or xcode9).

  2. Theo Ikunza Avatar

    If you live in North Carolina, why is your channel name thenewboston?

  3. human417 Avatar

    thought you were from New Boston bucky! =], great videos, been enjoying them a lot.

  4. Bra him Avatar

    I am kinda a lost beginner.. Is this C language or C# ?

  5. DarkAttack1 Avatar

    You didnt exactly show how the do Statements would really work. The way you showed us, would be the same as just using the while loop and getting the squared of the numbers..

    int x = 1;
    while (x <= 12){
               NSLog (@"%i squard is %i", x, x*x);

    I guess it still made sense so ..

  6. WeR2VEVO Avatar

    You deserve those people that liked this video. WHO DARES DISLIKE THIS VIDEO (one dislike only) xD XD xD

  7. steven becker Avatar

    what miserable idiot would dislike this?

  8. Forlorn Reaper Avatar

    The heat got into your head !

  9. Michael Madison Avatar

    Thank you also! I've been a "wanna be" for about 12 years now; your tuts rock. Your blowing your nose midway is gross, however, as long as you don't blow any brains out, you're cool with me! Keep it up and a sincere thanks again.

  10. Mariusz Nowak Avatar

    go to ;
    char signal=0;
    char signal=1;
    and what you think about this kinda code 😀

  11. Andrew C Avatar

    the funniest thing is how you have this laid back approach, like im just gonna use my hankie and talk about pollen season, we'll get back to the tutorial in a sec, its no big deal. its AWESOME!!!!

  12. Andrew900460 Avatar

    HE WAS POSSESSED!!!! 5:51

  13. Andrew900460 Avatar


  14. Rhusker88 Avatar

    'Yeah so I timesed n'

    Wow wonderful vocabulary *facepalm*
    Lol jk

  15. Poop Builder Avatar

    In that scenario the phrase "hot as crap" actually made sense.LOL

  16. Ed Gilroy Avatar

    34 degrees isn't much

  17. Cptniiii Avatar

    OHH, what a little… never mind…

  18. az100eletronics12 Avatar

    i told my friend about your channel, and they subscribed!

  19. az100eletronics12 Avatar


  20. Leon Garcia Avatar

    bucky I will send you a check if I ever make it big in programming, thanks for taking the time to make all these videos

  21. Oscar A. Peña Avatar

    Thank you Bucky 4 taking time 2 explain the syntax 😀 keep up the good work@!!!!!!!

    This is how teaching should be done!!!!!!

  22. Marco Vieira Avatar

    int tutorial = 17;

    do {tutorials}
    while {NSLog (@" u are the best");
    return 0

  23. a2m4m60 Avatar


  24. Punjab Trending Avatar

    i jus did }while(n >=5) and guess what lol i had to stop the programe lol

  25. Alfonso Azzo Avatar

    @TheVisceral89 It keeps it more personal. It starts to feel less like a video and more like he is your personal tutor. Not sure what 07subie said but he removed it.

  26. Technoguy3 Avatar

    94 degrees in April?

  27. Tony Avatar

    lol i typed in the exact same thing at the sart when u tested it and here r my results

    2011-07-23 00:35:46.260 data types [407:a0f] 1
    2011-07-23 00:35:46.263 data types [407:a0f] 8546304
    2011-07-23 00:35:46.264 data types [407:a0f] 8550400
    2011-07-23 00:35:46.264 data types [407:a0f] 8546304
    2011-07-23 00:35:46.268 data types [407:a0f] 8550400
    now i am just CONFUSED :S

  28. Blitzwolf44 Avatar

    NSLog(@"i love you bucky! (and not in a homosexual way [not that anything would wrong with that]))

  29. Scorxcho Avatar

    @muyrenerd The latest version of xcode will give you templates when you type certain things. It's certainly amazing!!

  30. morning2star1 Avatar

    I wonder if you could put the n*n as a variable named quare and then do while(square<=200); to see how many outputs of n you would need. does anyone know if that could work?

  31. Braden Mende Avatar

    Its kind of funny how all the comments are basically worshipping you in thanks lol, everyone is just in awe of wonder. And I am too, thank you man for the free vids:)))))

  32. Krystalfox007 Avatar

    "oh what a little…" *looks at camera* "nevermind" lol your the best, man

  33. René Vergara Avatar

    Bucky, i love your videos!

    I have a question… what did you do so the Xcode "sugest" you so many things? : (

  34. yasser daoud Avatar

    how can i turn on the auto complete that you had when you typed the do-while statement ???

  35. canadia7x Avatar

    Lol, I learn more from these videos than in my Python class.

  36. ccpson Avatar

    Hey bucky how do you get it so that xcode places all the brackets in the right place? Like after you type do{ all the brackets are filled in.. mine doesn't do that…

  37. gotgreen20 Avatar

    Bucky, your tutorial videos are extraordinarily clear, concise, and effective. There are so many compliments I could pay you but I'll keep this short. Please continue making videos. Your tutorial videos are exemplary. Others should take note of your style.

  38. elkhaiat1 Avatar

    Stanford's to hire you 😉

  39. Jerold Hawkins Avatar

    It's so much easier learning Objective-C from a person who is so chill and makes you laugh along the way. You're awesome dude keep doing what you're doing!

  40. Deryck Anderson Avatar

    Hi – Here's a little tip to speed up entering code… 🙂

    When you start typing in your while statement (e.g. at timecode 3:44), xCode will autofill the brackets, statements and condition sections. Simply hit the Tab button on your keyboard to move to those sections and then enter your desired info.

    Hope this helps.

  41. 3D Surfacing Avatar

    Invaluable knowledge bucky. Thanks for the effort.

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