Objective C Programming Tutorial – 3 – Variables

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35 responses to “Objective C Programming Tutorial – 3 – Variables”

  1. Stablemantis 4 Avatar

    thenewboston hey when i type int n1 = 20; it says variable n1 unused

  2. kunchala sai Avatar


  3. l love pakistan Avatar

    what is differnce between #include and #import ?both are perprocessor dirv?

  4. Karan Sharma Avatar

    Thanks Bucky, i am a beginner and looking forward to all your tutorials !!

  5. Aniket Avatar

    Dude, you explain stuff so well. Keep it up man

  6. SomeGamez Avatar

    Bucky's tutorials helped me at University. Now they are helping me at work! Thanks Bucky!

  7. Phillip Kennedy Avatar

    The sum of variable and variable is…. Variable! Hahahaha best! Awesome tutorials!! 🙂

  8. Dylan Taylor Avatar

    I'm a software developer now…
    Last time I saw this video was last year.
    Thank you Bucky.
    You're my hero.

  9. Beatsleigher Avatar

    Uhm, it's called carriage return, not "New line character"

  10. Cameron barbeau Avatar

    holy, bucky….these tutorials, really make me understand code much better then any others I've seen!! thank you so much for investing you're time to help others and me out.

  11.  Avatar

    I'm using version 10.9 and it's slightly different which makes it more confusing

  12. Eliot Mason Avatar

    Bucky, I am a rich international investor with lots of money.  I would like to buy your program for millions.

  13. Xerif917 Avatar

    I said "hey now brown cow" to a girl. She didn't like it…

  14. sofastandfurious Avatar

    Nice and easy to understand!

  15. nicholas diaz Avatar

    if your getting errors when compiling your code its most likely based on you following his code exactly. This video was made a few years back and the newer version of Xcode is going to by default @autoreleasepool where Bucky is NSautoreleasepool. you release this in a different way. so if you have @autorelease then delete [pool drain];

  16. Al Evangelista Avatar

    Great!! Thanks. Bucky.

  17. Nguyen Ngoc Phuc Avatar

    printf("Thank Buckyn");

  18. Steven Bishop Avatar

    You have Breakpoints on.
    At the top next to the iPhone simulator, youll see a button called Breakpoints. Make sure it's not clicked.
    lldb will no longer show up.

    Hope this helps!

  19. Dianne Katherine Delos Reyes Avatar

    base on what i have read. Objective C includes object oriented programming approach wherein C didn't. Everything you could do in C can be done with Objective C. So I think Obj C is like a modern version of C.

  20. grodobean Avatar

    Please continue Objective-C

  21. grodobean Avatar

    Bucky whered did you go ? Continue I

  22. lbarrass Avatar

    Also in CoBOL (shudder)….

  23. fin. Avatar

    Wholy mother fucker jesus christ, i actually used algebra in real life.

  24. gudenau Avatar

    I love how most languages are c like, so I can have this in the background!

  25. gigahertzish Avatar

    try learning a language like python and then migrating to c

  26. Falcon 2.0 Avatar

    Technically white space counts in python. So not all programming languages dont care about white space.

  27. kskskskldd Avatar

    Was there even advanced subjects for some people when you were in 4th grade we started it in 7th grade since in 4th grade there is nothing hard about it

  28. HighestUnicorn Avatar

    lol, i am so new to this, but i am awesome and figured half of it out 😀

  29. André Breda Avatar

    Yeah, I started with Visual Basic (.net) soon I moved to Web Languages HTML+CSS+JS+PHP, made my adventure in Java (thanks to bucky) and now I'm in the C world

  30. André Breda Avatar

    Yup, learning the basics is the most important (very easy with youtube tutorials) then it's handy to go to the (in this cas) Apple Developers' Central and get some books!

  31. Jessy Pelletier-Lemire Avatar

    I've learnt the basics of C and C++ at 8. I wasn't that good, but the fact is: it's difficult at first but learn the basics and everything then'll be much more easier.

  32. sparsh mishra Avatar

    thanks , really have been searching for this ,! 😀

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