old image effect tutorial photoshop | photo effects [ Episode 11 ]

in this photoshop tutorial i will show you how to convert a new photograph into really old looking photo in few simple steps

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8 responses to “old image effect tutorial photoshop | photo effects [ Episode 11 ]”

  1. Dafik Nurfatah Avatar

    Best !
    but the image can't be found

  2. luciole781 Avatar

    because sometimes for no reason we want to ruin a really good picture , you are so funny ♥

  3. Leann Vamp Avatar

    i love it, thank you so much.

    but the website for the paper texture say: There's nothing there!
    Why not create something we could post here?

  4. Commissar Dog Avatar

    Hey man, could you send me the link for those paper textures? As the link in your tutorialsjunction page isn't working anymore.


  5. Shiro Bianca Avatar

    Amazing, keep it coming 🙂

  6. françois francois Avatar

    bonjour , tres beau tuto , pourrais tu donner le mon des claques que tu as utiliser , merci d avance

  7. PearTreePictures Avatar

    this has got to be the worst tutorial i have seen how can you start a tutorial with lots of layers ,RUBBISH

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