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I’ll show you the free way to live stream games on YouTube using Open Broadcaster Software on MacOS. You’ll be able to broadcast your game with game and microphone audio. You’ll also be able to show your web cam. Then I’ll live stream Clash Royale game play just like the big shots on YouTube.

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29 responses to “Open Broadcaster Software 2017 MacOS”

  1. Sfundo Mhlungu Avatar

    Oh my God, you really look different from the 2013 one, it a TRANSFORMATION, except the voice 🙂 tnx for leading to this vid, i wanted something like this .

  2. Tara Prasad Tripathy Avatar

    Didn't expect you to play clash royale. Well played though!

  3. Flex CR Avatar

    Its possible to use imac Microphone or externe one is needed?

  4. Addies games Avatar

    Please for pc also make

  5. Fluxori Avatar

    When I record/stream, you can't hear the audio from my Iphone. Is there something I can do to fix this problem?

  6. ElectronicFIRE Avatar

    when i download sound flower and than search up audio midi setup it says no results

  7. AB Gaming Avatar

    I'm using this set up only to record but the iPhone screen lags.. any suggestions?

  8. boffa994 Avatar

    Hey Derek can you do Julia or scheme next?

  9. Monis Khan Avatar

    PC + android version please

  10. GobblowGalaxyGamer Avatar

    what are those blue and black things called that u got on your wall?

  11. Abdulnaser Sheikh Avatar

    Do a "educational hacking series" or a reverse shell in java. Thank you

  12. Leonardo Di Caterina Avatar

    what do you think about Arduino? do you think you can make any tutorial?

  13. zhangzhang zheng Avatar

    where to vote for next video tutorial ?

  14. Manasi Tilak Avatar

    Please do a PC version!!

  15. Max Copley Avatar

    Great Videos, thank you Derek. Can I please request you make a tutorial series on Docker. Thanks!!

  16. Rok Avatar

    C++ please 🙂

  17. Garry Cabrera Avatar

    You should do a quick Spring/Hibernate tutorial, and possibly how to use it to develop a RESTful web service

  18. D. Luu Avatar

    Derek, for macOS is it possible to use OBS to stream simultaneously to multiple platforms, i.e., Facebook Live, periscope, youtube and Twitch? If so, can you do a video about it? Thank you.

  19. Nixon Kosgei Avatar

    Hey I think we should make a REST API tutorial

  20. Voignar Avatar

    Wow first time I see your face

  21. Shivam Mishra Avatar

    Hey Derek, Your videos are always really good, informative and it's always been a great learning experience, someday maybe next year I would love to see something on xamarin or anything about cross-platform app development.

  22. Manish Sharma Avatar

    visual basic just show how to connect to database, make a installation wizard, save files individually and give a print function

  23. ashen mark Avatar

    do pc version please !!!!!!!!

  24. ashen mark Avatar

    do pc version please !!!!!!!!

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