Parse shutting down and new schedule

In this video, I chat about my thoughts on Parse shutting down and announce a new content schedule.

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14 responses to “Parse shutting down and new schedule”

  1. RGPankO Avatar

    Hey Chris,
    I am new to your channel, discovered it a week ago. Watched about 6-7 videos so far. Just wanted to tell you that your work is really helpful. Please keep it up! 🙂

  2. Zak Mustapha Avatar

    What about Mixpanel?

  3. Willie Fatimehin Avatar

    I was taking a udemy course involving parse, but that really screwed me over

  4. Gio Yo Avatar

    Are you going to make the next episode for how to make an app episode 18?

  5. saad mirza Avatar

    glad you're back chris.

  6. Dan Huang Avatar

    +CodeWithChris – what's your take on deploying a parse server to heroku? I recently saw that its open source

  7. Barrett Breshears Avatar

    Learning that Parse is shutting down was like loosing a close friend. It has really shaken my faith in any BaaS. I mean facebook purchased them for 85 mil only 3 years ago, so if they can shutdown I don't think there is any security for using services like this. But like you said for learning purposes it is great, but I won't ever push an app to the store without having my own backend that I control.

  8. tenminutetokyo Avatar

    Another waste of time learning another failed API.

  9. Net Avatar

    Hi Chris, nice to see your feeling better 🙂

  10. Jeremy Sharvit Avatar

    Hey Chris!

    Can you make an iOS chat app with Firebase series? Would be great!


  11. Tom Jansen Avatar

    Glad you are well Chris! I think you have made a great choice to use Firebase.

  12. Richard Reed Avatar

    Welcome back! Looking forward to the new tutorials. Any thoughts around CloudKit tutorials?

  13. Jared Davidson Avatar

    I'm switching over to Firebase as well, most functional one to me, and very similar to Parse.

    Glad to see you're back! 2-3 videos is a sweet spot to me. It allows me to focus a lot more on the content/quality of a video. Don't get overstressed with work. 🙂

    love your videos! If you ever want to collaborate on a video, that'd be awesome! 🙂

  14. Martyn Cheatle Avatar

    Glad you are well again Chris and looking forward to moving forward with Firebase

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