Part 11: UITableView and UITableViewController Swift Tutorial with Xcode | Episode 53


Have you ever used apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat and wondered how you can build some apps like that?

If you noticed, these apps all display data in table format whether it is posts, friends, followers, or photos.

UITableView, UITableViewController and UITableViewCell are all we talk about in this free 4-part iOS course for you!

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3 responses to “Part 11: UITableView and UITableViewController Swift Tutorial with Xcode | Episode 53”

  1. Eman Musemwa Avatar

    Hie how do you make the View with the caption transparent?

  2. Michel K Avatar

    Thanks for this series! Just a technical question: any idea why did you have to force the cell row height by code as well? It is not supposed to work just by setting it in the Size Inspector?

  3. Alex Kim Avatar

    Thanks a lot for taking your time to make these tutorials. I believe these are perfect for those that come after knowing the basic fundamentals of SWIFT (var, constants, inheritance, loop, class, struct…etc).
    You are definitely on your way to have so much more subscribers in near future.
    Just keep uploading MORE videos to get people's attention and interest!
    They'll eventually go to your website for more~~

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