Pencil Sketch Drawing Effect Photoshop Tutorial

In today’s Adobe Photoshop video tutorial we’re going to create a pencil sketch effect that quickly converts a photograph into a realistic drawing. The result features a mix of rough sketch lines and shading, along with a subtle paper texture which makes the effect much more believable. Choose between a traditional graphic pencil appearance, or toggle off the Black and White adjustment layer to produce more of a coloured pencil crayon look.

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20 responses to “Pencil Sketch Drawing Effect Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Jordan Avatar

    These videos are truly so helpful thank you so much!!! Great channel

  2. sara wang Avatar

    Great tutorials I really enjoying watching them! I wonder where is your accent from, I kinda like your accent 🙂

  3. Alexander Avatar

    Very nice. Thank you

  4. OLALA DAVID Avatar

    Thank so much for the tutorial…..AMAZING

  5. Алексей Котцов Avatar

    Chris, many thanks for your great work!You always please us with their works!)

  6. Thomas Chien Avatar

    wow! Awesome effect and great tutorial! I gotta try it some time. 🙂

  7. ดังตฤณ Avatar

    You've already left something good on this earth!

  8. zeB Conate Avatar

    Hey Can you please do a tutorial of How to make the Adele 25 font for Adobe Illustrator? Thank You

  9. Edwin Mulder Veenboer Avatar

    very nice. thnx for sharing!

  10. Georgeos Leonidas Avatar

    Nice girl you have chosen

  11. Sabir Ali Avatar

    Happy New Year Chris Thanks for sharing one more mind blowing Tutorial its easy steps to follow you done a good job. keep sharing in this year we hope get more tutorial to learn form you amazing tips and tricks .

  12. Evian622 Avatar

    Amazing, as always!

  13. zentatsunoryu Avatar

    most other folks take 20 minutes for the same info, under four minutes with an ad. Fantastic!

  14. LiveBig7 Avatar

    thanks for tutorial. Every lesson appreciated.

  15. Sucrose Avatar

    this is awesome dude 🙂 happy new year!

  16. Haechi Avatar

    Great! Another one to try out!

  17. Made By Cosmic Avatar

    Amazing work as usual!

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