Personality Type Duty Seekers

Here I go into detail on those personality types labeled as Duty Seekers. The Personality Codes described here are ESTJ, ESFJ, ISTJ, ISFJ.

For the full Personality Reports go here They’re Free!






43 responses to “Personality Type Duty Seekers”

  1. M.C. And L.B. Da Rap Boiz! Avatar

    DAM I'm a ESTJ this is way too much like me!!

  2. Sydney Elise Avatar

    ESFJ for the win!! Go givers!!

  3. Mellomoon Haze Avatar

    What kind of jobs work well for "DUTY SEEKERS"?   I'm getting nowhere trying to figure this out.   / 🙂 (

  4. pearlady22 Avatar

    Great quiz. I am an ISTJ and your descriptions described me exactly!

  5. Kevin Varughese Avatar

    Seems like I'm a planner.. 🙁 Sounds like the most boring of them all.

  6. Mathew Conrad Avatar

    Wow, good job with the test. I am a 'recipe planner' when it come to employment, or getting together with projects. My own personal  life is a whole different story, but when it comes to work, that is a contract between you and your employer while you are on company time. Now, I just need to get re-employed (hahahahahahaha). Great test.

  7. Mila Crampton Avatar

    It`s funny, but it looks like i`m 2-in-one: ESTP and ESTJ 🙂 I hope it`s not bipolar disorder 😀

  8. Qr Avatar

    I am E,S,T,J
    I am going to apply for an upgrade
    As a pilot in an airline and management
    With will be the best candidate?.

  9. L Avatar

    i approve this .. (I'm a Bull)

  10. Rob Darrel Avatar

    I got 2 ties, my score is
    E 10  I 10
    S 16  N 4
    T 10  F 10
    J 15  P 5
    what am I?

  11. anythingnew Avatar

    Eww, I operate like majority of U.S females? lol

  12. OceanicSky3414 Avatar

    I am a bull, but I don't like to control everything. I am also not a workaholic, I like to have fun while working most of the time. That is the only inaccurate thing for me.

  13. Derek Banas Avatar

    You're very welcome 🙂

  14. lumi1979 Avatar

    interesting! thank you for your time and help! cya around 😛

  15. Derek Banas Avatar

    It does happen often for people that take these tests because knowledge and value seekers tend to take these tests and they often are more open to the perspectives of others. Duty seekers however make up a larger part of the population and they tend to not understand others.

  16. lumi1979 Avatar

    well it does for me! thank you sir. Does it happens often, someone scoring equally in 2 or more columns?

  17. Derek Banas Avatar

    If you score equally in 2 columns it means that you understand both points of view. For example you may believe sometimes its better to have all of the facts and also that an expert you trust is also valuable for decision making. Based off of past tests this normally happens when a recent event showed you the importance of a different point of view. I hope that makes sense

  18. lumi1979 Avatar

    well, 2 columns with same amount of results points out a little about the "why", howerver, i think i have somekind of "balanced" personnality…

  19. Derek Banas Avatar

    Sorry about that. The reports are normally spot on. I wish there was a way to figure out why your results weren't accurate.

  20. lumi1979 Avatar

    i had 2 columns with the same amount of answers, so i took the right letter… i regret to say i didnt recognize myself.. i ended up planners in duty seekers…. i would say it discribes me badly.

  21. Derek Banas Avatar

    You're very welcome 🙂 Im very happy that you found the test so useful.

  22. Emma F Avatar

    wow, just WOW. i personally think this fits me perfectly. Thanks for going through all the work to make this, i love it! <3

  23. Derek Banas Avatar

    I'm glad it matched 🙂

  24. ErnieKong101 Avatar

    Soooooooooooooooooo true

  25. Derek Banas Avatar

    Get the quiz sheet and then add up all the marks in each column. Which ever column gets the most marks is part of your personality. Here is the quiz sheet newthinktank. com/2010/09/perfect-personality-test/

  26. Beth Somechick Avatar

    I don't get how to tally it up……

  27. Derek Banas Avatar

    The planner is a more common personality. It matches well with many others.

  28. SuperScribeMonkey Avatar

    so I'm Male and ISFJ. is that unusual?

  29. Derek Banas Avatar

    You may be a dreamer? If you feel that both answers sound equally as good pick both of them. Then add up the columns. If you score equally in both columns then pick the option in the right column.

  30. EricaHofer Avatar

    I'm only one of these (obviously), but I see a bit of myself in each description 🙂

  31. Derek Banas Avatar

    That's funny 🙂 My wife is the only person on Earth that knows who I am

  32. Todd Smith Avatar

    ESTJ, now confirmed by test and wife!

  33. ForeverAndAlwaysmcr Avatar

    it did thanks so much 🙂

  34. Derek Banas Avatar

    I am as well. I hope it helps 🙂

  35. ForeverAndAlwaysmcr Avatar

    i'm a recipe follower and i completely agree with the description of my personality

  36. Derek Banas Avatar

    You're very welcome 🙂 I know I learned a great deal about myself after I was first personality tested. I always thought the world could use a free professional test. I'm glad you liked it

  37. Imas Slay Avatar

    Im a giver. I've always felt that way, but never knew that there was a way of scientifically proving it. For some reason I feel better about myself, thanks I think.

  38. PINCHME333 Avatar

    Be glad you're a bull! The world needs more Bulls.

  39. Derek Banas Avatar

    You're very welcome 🙂 It is a shame that most people's first inclination is that they may be tricked into buying something. I can understand your hesitation. I promise that everything I do is 100% free. As more people continue to help others without ulterior motives we may one day expect the best of others. I do the best I can to make that so. I'm very happy that you enjoyed the video!

  40. Lorenza F M Avatar

    wow, I'd like to thank you for your time in doing all of this, at first I was skeptic about taking the test, cause I don't have a printer to print the score sheet, but I copied it by hand, well, answered as best I could and found out again what I already knew about my self, this was a great upper for my self esteem, thank you very much!

  41. Derek Banas Avatar

    Sorry about that 🙁 Personalities just deal with how we make decisions though, so there is a great deal about you that makes you unique

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