Photoshop – Abstract Lighting [ Glowing Lines ]


In this episode you will learn the basics of creating neon/glowing lines. If you found this simple tutorial helpful. Be sure to check out my website for more online educational tutorials and Photography editing. Hit that like button if you enjoyed.

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20 responses to “Photoshop – Abstract Lighting [ Glowing Lines ]”

  1. code vein Avatar

    is this image is copyrighted or not ?

  2. Rehnuma Proshoon Avatar

    When I click "stroke path", it doesn't do any effect.
    I'm using Photoshop cs6. How can I use the technique?

  3. Aristea Tzounou Avatar

    hello ! I saw your video and i really liked it so I tried to do it, and I did every step but for some reason when I do the outer glow I dont see any change in my drawing, do you know why ?

  4. Neon Streakzz Avatar

    I'm the real neon streakzz this guy is an intruder

  5. Diego Valdés Avatar

    Thanks i need this for my skins in csgo

  6. Alkaidx10 Neko Avatar

    how to i make the pen tool line go away after im done? its still there after i make the glow and stuff

  7. Xpayne1 Avatar

    I did everything what it shows in your video…but my lines are still white…color doesn't change =/ what i'm doing wrong ?

  8. kaboomdynamite Avatar

    Amazing tutorial! Simple and easy. 🙂 thanks!

  9. Alex foxtrot Avatar

    the " fx " is my problem, when i choose the color of the outer glow , on the preview it does not change at all
    can you help me guys?

  10. Gabriel Pozo Avatar

    Hey man great tutorial! Can you just clarify how you make it fade at the end? Mine doesn't fade. Would really appreciate it.

  11. Tomás Pereira Avatar

    how do i make those wavy paths with the peen tool

  12. StianSivertsen Avatar

    thanks for sharing, love your tutorials, learning new stuff each day now 🙂 keep up the good work 😀

  13. Ayberk Kartal Avatar

    Hey man great tutorial but after clicking ok on stroke path it doesn't apply. What can i do

  14. kkk1162 Avatar

    I love your video so much~You are the greatest photoshop teacher ever…………^^thanks senpai

  15. Apurva Pai Avatar

    pen tool makes a vector mask and isnt right.what shud i do?

  16. Iasmy Killha Avatar

    Nice,and you can make like idk a a glowing mini-tornado in your hands?

  17. ryoma. 瘋 Avatar

    You're best! Helped me very much! Now, i can do my own ideas, witout tutorials Horaaay! 🙂

  18. Leo Avatar

    I have a problem where when I use the pen tool, it cuts out parts of the picture, and turns the layer into a shape. Help?

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