Photoshop Airbrush Skin Tutorial | Retouch


This Photoshop CC tutorial shows you how to apply a realistic airbrush effect.

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40 responses to “Photoshop Airbrush Skin Tutorial | Retouch”

  1. Cathy Neary Avatar

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MEHMET UZUN Avatar

    great job ! very useful thanks Photoshop Tutorials

  3. graphicism Avatar

    I wonder… should the amount of high pass increase with the size of the image? For instance you're working on a small image, would this relate directly with a 20MB image from a DSLR?

  4. Ricky Adams Avatar

    quick and easy found this really useful thanks

  5. Barry Dillon Avatar

    best and most simple method I have seen so far!

  6. Khym12 Avatar

    i couldnt get my to invert the new layer

  7. Art - Skill Avatar

    one of the best retouching skin teknikes

  8. Tanaya Shende Avatar

    Very easy and very helpful! Thank you! 🙂

  9. TERRAMOUNT Avatar

    very nice tutorial 🙂

  10. Prinetta Avatar

    That worked really well. Thanks a lot!

  11. Dylan DozenFingers Avatar

    great job!! and under 5 min!! BRAVO!!!

  12. Allen Almeyda Avatar

    That Megan Fox tho <3 <3 <3 XD

  13. Rilyn Uyan Avatar

    This is great!! Can you create a tutorial on how to draw and design shoes on photoshop, its been a while and I'm having difficulty with it

  14. Marie Medina Avatar

    All of the steps worked for me except the final brush step…I did not get the desired airbrush effect.  In fact, using the brush had no effect whatsoever.  I am using a Mac with the latest version of photoshop.  Any ideas on how I can do this?

  15. pbaz Avatar

    Those that have trouble inverting on a Mac it is Command 'I'

  16. Rhoda Mwaka Avatar

    thank you very much, best tutorial, have been trying to do this for ages , finally
     i found a very easy tutorial

  17. wwerulezzz2012 Avatar

    While adjusting the High pass What should we be looking for??
    Pls reply 

  18. Zoe DoughnutMC Avatar

    Where do I get the high quality pictures from? All of mine end up REALLY blury when I zoom in D:

  19. holdenzz Avatar

    i dident find this video helpful at all because my end result was just a cartoon looking liek face

  20. Md. Foysal Hossain Sohag Avatar

    Ha ha ha 😛
    Very easy.
    Awesome tutorial 🙂
    thnx 😀

  21. Taylor Bodis Avatar

    When I try to invert the layer with  my MAC CTRL I does nothing 🙁

  22. lan4eto96 Avatar

    Sorry for the dumb question, but after I do everything with the layers and the mask, when I select the brush and try to retouch the skin nothing happens with the image. I selected the mask, not the layer, as it is shown. Could someone explain me why this happpens. Thank you! 🙂

  23. Sue Hutton Avatar

    This is a very helpful tutorial. As someone else has said, straight to the point and not over long. 

  24. David Whiteside Avatar

    Excellent tutorial 🙂

  25. Shirin Marshall Avatar

    excellent, thank you!

  26. David Waltman Avatar

    For those having trouble with the Invert part. Try Command + I instead of Control + I. It worked for me.

  27. Susan Yuan Avatar

    Best tutorial I've seen yet. Not long, no over-voicing, straight to the point. Keep up the good work!

  28. Sleepinghobbit Avatar

    I managed to retouch a photo I had taken of a friend. The results are amazing. Thank you for the tutorial.

  29. Chris Hun Avatar

    I don't understand this mask-thing.

  30. kitten is a Kitten Avatar

    I can't get the blur to work after the Highpass, The invert thing does nothing!

  31. muhammad afzal Avatar

    excellent excellent tutorials. 

  32. hd full Avatar

    very nice and thxx man !

  33. Abbygyal92 Avatar

    the brush tool is not working 🙁 tried everything!

  34. Level Up Gaming Avatar

    Thanks for the great tips! 🙂
    i hope my channel grows as big as this, im putting my best into it.
    feel free to check out some of our videos.

  35. Viooz Avatar

    This works really well. 

    Thank you.

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