Photoshop CC – Dispersion Effect [ Smoke ] [ CS7 ]

This Photoshop CC tutorial shows you how to create a dispersion effect using Photoshop. My Website:

Download The Brush I used!

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33 responses to “Photoshop CC – Dispersion Effect [ Smoke ] [ CS7 ]”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials Avatar

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  2. Patlancha Star Avatar

    smoke iffect image is very nise very good

  3. Patrick Dunn Avatar

    I have an image with someone hugging me from behind. I want to use this effect to "smoke out" this person's face and part of her body. Will this effect work with 2 people in the image? Also, the background is not a solid color, but of a kitchen. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Rich Noble Avatar

    i downloaded the brushes but their in a zip file and I go in my photoshop and I see no brushes…

  5. איל יאבו Avatar

    where can i get the original photo?

  6. imvu glory Avatar

    i cant find the paint  bucket tf

  7. Jesse Babbra Avatar

    That was so great – short and sweet – thank you!!

  8. Dinārs Eklērs Avatar

    the brush download link just opens alot of brushes


    I can't select the layer 2.10

  10. Coner Murphy Avatar

    once again I am amazed by how little I know in photoshop

  11. Salah Zitouni TV Avatar

    nice. subscribe in my chanel pleas pliiiz i have the best vedio of photochop cc

  12. Felix Xing Avatar

    i have a problem at put the color on masks, i dont know why i follow all of them. Plz help!

  13. Oliver Lin Avatar

    Hi, I only have Photoshop CS6. Will it be possible to do this?

  14. Rajib Choudhury Avatar

    That is that brush you used called… can u send me a download link…???

  15. Cassandra Garofallou Avatar

    Ok I need help, cant I getthe brushes through Adobe Creative Cloud. I have Photoshop cc? I am an idiot I know.

  16. Cathy Neary Avatar

    I love your tutorials! Precisely detailed! That's what I've always wanted! Thank you!!! Hugs!!!!!!

  17. Nish D Avatar

    So clear, I started photoshop yesterday and i did all this. Thank you! Also your brushes were'nt available so i got others, and idk how you rotated you brush xOOOO hehe Cheers!

  18. r56mini Avatar

    I am stuck at the mask layer stuff. This tutorial is not helping at all. black, white foreground background…. not working.

  19. HeyYuuGuys! Avatar

    i love this thanks i used this for one of my pieces of course work

  20. Shotatoculus Avatar

    I got lost at "refine edge" Mine is probably a newer version so the "refine edge" window looked a bit different but then do I click anything before I select the hair? When I tried selecting the hair, nothing showed up so I assumed it didnt work.

  21. george v Avatar

    there is no refine edge on mine where yours is. where else can I pull it up

  22. diesektor666 Avatar

    so when i use lasso and right click – fill inst highlighted – another failure of a tutorial that leaves problematic scenarios not covered… again people just assume other people will know.. this must be the 5th dispersion tutorial with steps missing

  23. ALPHEZO Gamer Avatar

    Its too confusing for me

  24. Tuấn Nghĩa Trần Avatar

    what is the stock music? Can i take the music from the clip and use it 4 my vids? ty

  25. SimmsProductions Avatar

    All I could find are Ads saying there the brush download can someone send me a link?

  26. Harun Kahya Avatar

    what is refınce forge ? is it downloadable ?

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