Photoshop CC | Old Photo Effect [ Tutorial ]

This Photoshop tutorial teaches you how to create an old photo effect.

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15 responses to “Photoshop CC | Old Photo Effect [ Tutorial ]”

  1. lucasfg3 Avatar

    Many thanks! One more subscriber for your list!

  2. Luciana Moraes Avatar

    Parabéns por seu trabalho  ,e obrigado por todos tutoriais que posta …adoro !

  3. isbolden Avatar

    link doesn't work 🙁

  4. Jasper Nygaard Avatar

    link not working for me 😮

  5. Earn Legaspi Avatar

    What;s the song in the Intro,…?? :))

  6. Megan Carlson Avatar

    Why are you so amazing Newworldops? 

  7. Haroon Khalifa Avatar

    Your tutorials are amazing, will you start making illustrator ones too? Also I know there's so much manipulation you can do with photoshop to create landscape, maybe you can teach us this too.. Start off small then big maybe??? Thank you very much

  8. Nate Swedzle Avatar

    Thanks for getting straight to the point. The final image
    looks flawless. 

  9. Marcin Machulik Avatar

    🙂 Good Job ! 😀

  10. UglyBearz Avatar

    very good ! but the download link for texture is not working !  do something about it if u can 🙂

  11. Marko Kocic Avatar

    Check out my channel please i have great tutorials. Thanks

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