Photoshop CC Tutorial: Fantasy Effects – Sail

In this Photoshop manipulation tutorial, I will show you how to create a dream-scape scene. All stock download links are below. Some of the tools we’ll be using are, filter, camera raw settings (Split Toning) Masks, adjustment layers and much more. Please don’t forget to leave a like on this video if you liked it.

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41 responses to “Photoshop CC Tutorial: Fantasy Effects – Sail”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials Avatar

    Don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed this Photoshop tutorial! <3

  2. Fantastic 5 Avatar

    great video ! plz make video on merging two animals or animal manipulation.

  3. TN hindi hindi Avatar

    ur imagnation was super

  4. David Nipauer Avatar

    Very beautiful and dreamy. It is not THAT hard when tutorial is provided 😀 good job, really good job.

  5. Gurdeep Singh Avatar

    very good tutorial.
    a lot of learning

  6. save pakistan Avatar

    Which softwere did you use For make Tutorials

  7. Helene Harmon Avatar

    LOVE explaining what you are doing through text. Bravo!!! Going through your videos now.

  8. Stella Yoon Avatar

    Such an amazing tutorial. Genuinely helped me a lot. Thanks. YOU ARE A GENIUS.

  9. 911 CHUNG Avatar

    A very dreamy pic. Well done

  10. Natia Amsiani Avatar

    What kind of program? You can throw off a link?

  11. EnderDad Avatar


  12. Aelis Enys Avatar

    I just began to study photoshop. I wanted to know how to stretch a photo of the ocean, a ship I have an incorrect fit, not like you. I have all the photos that I downloaded work great, but I need to because high.

  13. hikipikisiki Avatar

    I asked this a while back – 2 months maybe – but at what state are the written reviews at the moment?

  14. (K12_HN) Tran Quoc Trung Avatar

    thanks for your tutorials and beautiful free stocks. You are so helpful for the beginner like me!!!!!!!!!

  15. Debabrata Saha Avatar

    Sir if is it possible then please make a tutorial about text shower or text man. Like a shower of letters comes and fall on the head of a men/woman.

  16. Serkan Türk Avatar

    very good tutorial thanks !!

  17. DarkRoomVision Avatar

    dit now show u made the the water over the rock


    PS touch is not start on my mobile

  19. The Paradise of Arts Avatar

    Nice Editing…Bro…!!!

  20. Karim Spanix Avatar

    dude, I fuckin love you :3

  21. Paul B Avatar

    brill tutorial , love these surreal style pics personally i would have made the ship more smaller , to appear more distant . once again thanks great work

  22. Laura Retyi Avatar

    Thank you for teaching/showing/sharing your awesome talent..I am going to start this today, it is over the top fabulous, also thank you for the material links

  23. TheRubberDuc Avatar

    Awesome work flow, thanks for the video

  24. Skiritzo Avatar

    Could you name the song playing at 4:55 please?

  25. HAKIMS Konaté Avatar

    I find that the shadow is misdirected

  26. Virgilio Lopez Jr. Avatar

    What is the size of the canvas?

  27. Cathy Neary Avatar

    Fantastic! Thank you!

  28. Bonjour Avatar

    Your Tutorial really helped me and is GREAT to read it written..thanks a lot and keep up your amazing work!
    Greetings from Germany…

  29. Виктор Путютин Avatar

    Thanks for the lesson, and why missed the stage (after the imposition of birds) where the water is already perfectly lying on the stone, and before that it was just a blur, and you drew birds, a frame change and now the water is perfectly lying on the stone. ????

  30. Legendary Tamale Avatar

    Sometimes I just watch these because they are cool but I've done some of yours and they have turned out great. Thanks for the help.

  31. Shyam Chauhan Avatar

    is it Photoshop 6 or 7 ??

  32. Jake Bromsey Avatar

    You're tutorials are actually fantastic man. Looking forward for more. Also, this looks sick, I never knew the Camera Raw Filter existed till now… powerful and effective tool thank you

  33. Blender Made Easy Avatar

    That's so cool! Great tutorial again! Keep them coming! 🙂

  34. Fila Ortega Avatar

    I love this, this tutorial really helped me with manipulating photos in photoshop. thanks

  35. Niko Production Gaurav Avatar

    hey guys please subscribe me i am also a photoshop manupulator

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