Photoshop CS6 Cartoon Effect Tutorial Full

Photoshop CS6 Cartoon Effect Tutorial Full
How to Paint a Portrait on the Beach With Photoshop:
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40 responses to “Photoshop CS6 Cartoon Effect Tutorial Full”

  1. Shankz Kuper Avatar

    it was a cool video…

  2. Lil Kid Avatar

    im looking foward to it

  3. Marco Del sénor Avatar

    nice video keep going !!
    name of songs please 😉

  4. Thomas Hill Avatar

    I am grand wizard man born leader of the klu klux klan NICE STEAMY EDITS

  5. xGBA Avatar

    lol i laf at this xDD funi cartoon

  6. Putra Nst Avatar

    Vidio A Good… ^_^
    Very Easily Understood 😀

  7. Sheala Castillo Avatar

    Someone willing to help me???

  8. Malik Taha Avatar

    lol so fucking funny


    thanks for video..verrrry

  10. george baganao Avatar

    where can you get that sample picture ?

  11. JAY SQUARED Avatar

    that intro had me in tears

  12. Tg Tugal Avatar

    Very cool bro. Great video !!!

  13. saikhamphyu` langkhur Avatar

    thanks for video..verrrry nice

  14. raizelle jane Avatar

    what can i do if my set foreground doesn't work? when i put the picture on the other background the picture change the color of B&W? please reply, ive been your subscriber because your works so awesome and your tutorial is great please reply ;(

  15. Jesther Bolasoc Avatar

    Sir can you make mine

  16. ems befriendlytoall Avatar

    Is it necessary to use pen tool instead of quick selection tool??

  17. Gaming Indo15 Avatar

    Can you help me make it bro?

  18. Kiran Kumar Avatar

    your awesome.. bro

  19. Al and Di Avatar

    broo, could you help me pleaseeeee……? for photo editing like in the video?
    I do not understand how to edit photos.

  20. Alpha THE Greatest Avatar

    i would have liked this video. and subscribed, but i can't stand tutorial's that have music instead of the person actually explaining it step by step.

  21. Layrouns Andoh Avatar

    This is so awesome
    the video is great
    and how you take your time to pick tools and everything is great

    God bless you my brother. looking forward to learning from you.

    i will send you what i was able to learn out of this tutorial on facebook

  22. WiCKED ARTS Avatar

    you r doing a fab. job…everything is perfect..and now i know that how to make cartoons..and main thing , you reply to everyone in comment section…keep working..and hardly thanks for stunning tutorials..

  23. Vence Ian Avatar

    Why my picture Turn into Black and White when I Transfer it.

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