Photoshop CS6: Creative CospLay Mononoke

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: Creative Picture CospLay Mononoke. ▶Please subscribe channel:



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4 responses to “Photoshop CS6: Creative CospLay Mononoke”

  1. The opener Avatar

    This helped so much, thank you !!!!

  2. Tyler G. Official Avatar

    im sorry to be this person to do this ;-; but what is the software that you have used? I've been searching how to photoshop like this but not exactly and i've seen people mostly use this software but have no link to it. I'm a photographer in learning haha and really new to photoshop. The current picture im trying to photoshop is a cosplayer that is Ayato Kirishima from tokyo ghould and im trying to photoshop his ghoul wings.

  3. Cathy Neary Avatar

    Wow!!! Totally Rock!!! <3

  4. DarkXeroo Avatar

    Use All the Colors!

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