Photoshop CS6: Creative Image in Soap bubbles

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: Creative Image in Soap bubbles.
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23 responses to “Photoshop CS6: Creative Image in Soap bubbles”

  1. Asitha Moremada Avatar

    Top Top Top ..Thanks

  2. Jos P Avatar

    Great tutorial but my god man pic better music.

  3. ahmed khaled Avatar

    nice tutorial .. good job man

  4. ariel durango Avatar

    I've clicked the ads of your video as payment of my learning thank you for your tutorial video.. God Bless..

  5. BYL T Avatar

    Does this only work for specific photos? I Tried it and followed the directions perfectly, it just doesn't look too good. Definitely not like a bubble. Anyone else had issues?

  6. BYL T Avatar

    Thanks so much! This deserves a donation! Amazing!

  7. Gary Green Avatar

    This is what a Photoshop tutorial should look like. The zooms are very helpful. Thanks.

  8. CopyCom Lopez Guzman Avatar

    kiero saber lo del filtro
    yo tengo PhotoShop cc en español y kiero saber cm sacar el filtro de iluminacion k haces en el video

  9. Sam Tiny Avatar

    wow… u know magic 😉

  10. Myra Duran Avatar

    Your video is so helpful! but i keep getting stuck. After you add layer 2 and press alt-del my layer turns black, the bubble doesn't appear. not sure what I'm doing wrong. Also on my layers it shows layer 0 ,layer 0 copy and when i add the 3rd layer it says layer 1…please help.

  11. Cathy Neary Avatar

    Wow! So cool! Thank you <3

  12. Daisy Barajas Avatar

    Photoshop is telling me my picture is to big, how can i make my picture fit the bubble?? please help!!

  13. tam thanh Avatar

    My Bubble colection :
    Chúc bạn ma son tung có nhiều video bổ ích và nhiều người biết đến.

  14. OORVOKKI Avatar

    very good..thanks…

  15. Çiko Bruno Avatar

    perfec… we love you.. have you facebook adress..

  16. Wajdi YOUNSI Official Avatar

    Nice :).. Thank u ! 😉

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