Photoshop CS6: Creative Photo Wedding

Photoshop Tutorial Creative Photo Wedding
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5 responses to “Photoshop CS6: Creative Photo Wedding”

  1. Horatio Sterling Avatar

    Nice tutorial but your moving too fast

  2. Canal Marrom Bombom Oficial Avatar

    Very good your videos ameu I am Brazilian so much as you have for the zom in the videos? Thank you.

  3. annette sisk Avatar

    no sound…yes my volume is on and the screen is not on mute.. :-(((

  4. ELJO BIJU Avatar

    Hai I Like your editing
    Plzz give me your email address
    Plzzzzzz ..

  5. sharon lote Avatar

    hi can you help i get to the part when your pressing ctrl + t and in not getting the box effect coming around my filled ovel ????? im using a mac can you help

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