Photoshop CS6: Creative Worsted Disintegration Effect

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: Creative Worsted Disintegration Effect.
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16 responses to “Photoshop CS6: Creative Worsted Disintegration Effect”

  1. MD.Sameer Saifi Avatar

    photoshop kon sa hai bro

  2. Faadi Sherazi Avatar

    for someone like me, who know nothing abt PS… thats gonna take whole day

  3. Troy Durrance Avatar

    šŸ™‚ Nice job!!

  4. Dheeraj Singh Avatar

    Brushes + Stock Download Link Free ??

  5. Ayaan King Avatar

    Cool Man !! šŸ˜€

  6. papa jem Avatar

    could i have the copy of the photo ?

  7. cyclone of change Avatar

    good tuto where did you get the picture ?

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