Photoshop CS6: Disintegration Effect | Raven

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial make Disintegration Effect Raven
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42 responses to “Photoshop CS6: Disintegration Effect | Raven”

  1. Absar Hussain Avatar

    what's your facebook account name and which photo you have on timeline for identification , I want to talk to you ….

  2. WAscnas Wpsoaw Avatar

    where do u ge t the photo from?


    getting confused in manipulating LAYERS…pls explain about how to manipulate layers…..

  4. Ahmed Fayez Avatar

    sooo awesome

    …but i have a question
    what button did u used to flip the brush ?!

  5. Amardeep Kr Avatar

    When I add vector mask to layer 2 then the black color doesn't appear the vector mask of layer 2! What should I do..? And which Alt should I press Left or Right ?

  6. Amardeep Kr Avatar

    When I add vector mask to layer 2 then the black color doesn't appear the vector mask of layer 2! What should I do..?

  7. MERI JEET Avatar

    sir bursh's file is abr formet and not opening in cs6 please help

  8. MERI JEET Avatar

    hey bro i am your biggest fan and i liked and loved your fan page

  9. Tusahar Rahaman Avatar

    How i get those photo

  10. manuele losi Avatar

    dio cane dove hai trovato quella cazzo di immagine !!!!!!!

  11. RichKeal Avatar

    alt delete thing wont work

  12. atry swami Avatar

    How did you rotate your brush.. Is there any short cut to do thiss??!

  13. Reem Hesham Avatar

    you are the best , thank you

  14. Elena Diego Marcote Avatar

    Excellent idea /affects / technique! And it looks enough "easy". A question, could be make over dark background with white and very light colors?

  15. Daniel D. Avatar

    Una explicación perfecta, además de facilitar todos los materiales necesarios… MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS de verdad!

  16. Omar Torres Avatar

    I want the image of man

  17. Sumit Nath Avatar

    I can't find brush tool link. can you give download link please

  18. Shurela Tanha Avatar

    here some people are too loyal. I just received some unexpected entertainment 😀 XD!!!

  19. The Sicarios Avatar

    graet video. +1sub

  20. Sandeep Upadhyay Avatar

    u helped me with my work thanks a lot

  21. cristian ramos Avatar

    El nombre del chico es Brayan!!

  22. Rujimapon Jitong Avatar

    เยี่ยมค้ะ ดูแล้วทำตามได้เลยง้ะะะ

  23. BGT BBOX Avatar

    Bon tuto, mais il est préférable de donner des informations concernant les brush ce qui sont novices, ne le savent peut-être pas qu'il faut charger des nouveaux éléments ! Merci

  24. Lazuli Lapis Avatar

    Where did you get the brushes?

  25. Mala Mia Avatar

    como se llama el efecto de Ae que usas cuando comienza el vídeo?

  26. casualgamer558 Avatar

    never thought in a million years i could do something like that

  27. Mr Science Avatar

    super editing bro:)

  28. Supakon Buala Avatar

    สุดยอดมากเลยครับ ทำเป็นได้เพราะพี่เลย >< Good

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