Photoshop CS6: How to Make a Wood Burning Portrait

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: How to Make a Wood Burning Portrait.
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23 responses to “Photoshop CS6: How to Make a Wood Burning Portrait”

  1. Krishnendu Saha Avatar

    Nice 1 Bro….thannks 4 tutorial

  2. The Gamer Avatar

    Thanksssss bro…………….

  3. The Gamer Avatar

    thank u very much

  4. Mark Gaming22 Avatar

    give me the background pls

  5. 1234QANTAS Avatar

    I need advice with the threshold. Whenever I drag the image to the wood texture, it carries the white background along with it, it's not transparent like the one at 2:39. Please help, I really want to learn this so bad 🙂

  6. YG Lyrics Avatar

    Where did u get the wood image?

  7. Chelsea Putu Avatar

    thanks brooooo for your tutorial 🙂

  8. nakorn silapasastr Avatar

    thank you teacher…always learn from your video tutorial…..

  9. vling bae Avatar

    I really liked all of your tutorials bro, you're one good teacher. Keep up the good work

  10. Zayn Mughal Avatar

    Amazing tutorial Bro Thanks

  11. Raja Ram M Avatar

    2:33; I get white, instead of black, I did selected shadows from Color Range and I still have the Fuzziness and Range activated..! Please help me.
    BTW, when I copied the selection after color range, I got it as a thumbnail+threshold, instead of a layer, on to the new file..!

    I copied the threshold layer itself, and I guess, I chose wrong wood background..! 🙁

    Here is my work from Google Drive:

  12. Assasins Avatar

    thank you teacher…always learn from this kind of video tutorial……

  13. StechA Avatar

    background ? LINK

  14. Nerd Girl Avatar

    i don't have gaussian blur, why? i have photoshop c6

  15. houssame tnaimou Avatar

    great video like everytime

  16. shiela may senorin Avatar

    You are an inspiration..

  17. RH Artz. Avatar

    omg , you're the best guy , do you have skype?✋

  18. Verbal Slick Avatar

    Fun tutorial!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!

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