Photoshop CS6: How To Make Turning Someone into Frozen

Photoshop CS6: How To Turning Someone into Frozen.
How To Paint With Fire:
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14 responses to “Photoshop CS6: How To Make Turning Someone into Frozen”

  1. Minjae Kang Avatar

    where can i download source files?

  2. Pachara Jantaranimi Avatar

    Thanks for this technique! I do love it. Cheers!

  3. Noortje V Avatar

    lmao. My mom is looking at me with a strange look bcause of the christmas music in Aug.

  4. esther lammertink Avatar

    Hi There, could you send me te pictures you used or give me a link? this is really cool

  5. ThePaki Clasher Avatar

    bro whenevr i add a pic in photoshop it comes with very small hundreds of boxes help pls

  6. Cathy Neary Avatar

    Aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much my dear friend!!! You're the Best! I wish I could hug you and tell you, "I Love You so Much! You're my dearest friend! Love and support always!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. ismail özdemir Avatar

    could u teach that : polygon design

  8. theiostech Avatar

    how many subs do you have photoshop picture editor?

  9. Ali hussain Avatar

    روعة يا شنب
    Amazing man

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