Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Creative A Collage Effect

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial How To Creative A Collage Effect
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31 responses to “Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Creative A Collage Effect”

  1. photo shop Avatar

    i loved your videos , i want wedding albums how to create it and please show me in photoshop 7.0 or cs 2

  2. Kevin Walter Avatar

    Stopped watching because of the music.

  3. Akash Sahani Avatar

    finally I got tht smoke light effect wch was searching frm months comes to end thank u so much…

  4. MR Hax Avatar

    fu*k ths sh*t tutorial

  5. Vladimir Hernández Avatar

    Wow!! Amazing Video!!!!!!! I liked it!!!!
    Do u have the images that you used in the video?

  6. JustEus BJK Avatar

    Gj but so disgusting music. Its so loud and it is not suitable for video…

  7. zany caguioa Avatar

    Sir can i ask the jpeg file of the soft light please? Thanks 🙂

  8. Fotoshop Teknikleri Avatar

    Harika bir tasarım tebrikler

  9. Vietnam Vet Avatar

    If you want to do a demo fine don't talk> If you say it is a Tutorial Pleas take the time to walk us through it while talking. are find someone to narrate in English.

  10. Kunal Sagavakar Avatar

    please provide the smoke background you have used

  11. Javier Quesada Anaya Avatar

    Music is saturated af, had to mute it. Otherwise cool vid man, thx.

  12. Hardik patel Avatar

    its amazing !!! workss !

  13. Creative Mate Avatar

    Amazing I Like it…

  14. Rodrigo Nunes Avatar

    Uma dica que também ficaria legal,fazer uma caminho traçado pela pentool de pincéis redondos e utilizar a mascara de corte sobre a mesma.
    Fiz algo parecido e ficou bem legal. Parabens pelo canal.

    Rodrigo, Brasil

  15. achala kumari Avatar

    very helpful for beginners.. thank you

  16. dinesh budha Avatar

    i like very much the effect timing 0 – 10 second sand blowing effect. can you share it with us, how to make that effect? thanks. 🙂

  17. Shivma Rajput Avatar

    Aap shru me background coye layer ko jab sabse uper leke jaate ho fer aap ctrl ke saathe esa kya press krte ho jisse uska leg or juta dekhne lagta hain……………….pls step by step btado?

  18. Kiều Linh Avatar

    Thằng tây làm ngu bỏ mẹ đi, không biết dùng blending mode. Mỗi lần tạo một khung lại phải nhân đôi background. Dốt!

  19. Raffi Maulana Avatar

    this very very awesome

  20. Talib Haqq Avatar

    Ayo! speed teaching is not a good thing yo! WTF THANKZ

  21. jose aguirrechea Avatar

    Subscribe to what? Watch you demonstrate what you know with little or no effort to teach? B.S.

  22. Hafiz Hamza Avatar

    please give these pictures for practice

  23. jerson macalla Avatar

    paano po ung sa huling part ung shift tapos na select ung lahat??

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