Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Displacement Map

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial Displacement Map
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19 responses to “Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Displacement Map”

  1. helga wilson Avatar

    Your tutorial really pissed me off. Are you too shy to talk? Music instead? Really? Too fast and no explanation.

  2. Ron Curington Avatar

    I hate instructional videos made by people who won't talk

  3. fuck google Avatar

    Dont forget to click Unsubscribe and be sure to dislike, Thanks everyone

  4. fuck google Avatar

    come on dude this is just you working not even a tutorial

  5. JonJon Francisco Avatar

    at 3:44 o_O how did you do that ?? alt what ??

  6. itsbybehind Avatar

    He promised like 3 times now. Still didn't make it. LOL. I honestly don't care because I hate TheBoringCanadian, but it's pretty hilarious how he got his viewers hyped and lied to them like 3 times and it's STILL not here. Like honestly, why not just stop uploading hunger games and just record a bunch of them. He's a busy man? Does he work? No. Does he sit around all day playing Minecraft? Yes. Does he spend any time editing his videos? No. He has time to do it, he's honestly just lazy.

  7.  Avatar

    Ud. podria enseñar como hacer un robot humano?. disculpe que no hable su idioma. Gracias!?

  8. Emma Olivia Avatar

    Marty which software u used to create this video . I am not ask about photoshop. I ask about videos

  9. Chaotic -_- Avatar

    Gracias a Ud. Marty por las enseñanzas de Photoshop.

  10. James Tailer Avatar

    I don?t comment too much, but I love the tutorials Marty makes. I think he makes the best Photoshop tutorials on YouTube. ?

  11. beybladelibra Avatar

    I'm feeling pretty worn out but still motivated. I love this effect.

  12. Benedicto Andrade Avatar

    I love this tute and would really like to work hard at mastering it. I need a little pointer to one of your previous tutes that include a nice removal of the background, as I've just sat here for hours and hours trying to do it using other's directions and couldn't see one of yours that shows how.

  13. Yoon Na Avatar

    Thank you! Here's a great guide! continue to promote

  14. Rodney M. Bloch Avatar

    wow tutorial good. thanks you

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