Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: How To Logo Maker

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: How To Logo Maker
Creative PORTRAIT made only of TEXT:
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8 responses to “Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: How To Logo Maker”

  1. Sizzy Avatar

    Who whants a logo i make logos…
    1:follow me on instagram stefan9298
    2:text me there
    3:sub to my channel
    4:give me something in return
    Thats it!

  2. Roboman Avatar

    i subbed i am watching all your videos u are the best i learnt from you some amazing tactics in editting <3
    thanks 🙂

  3. Aj Avatar

    it`s work on version Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 FULL ?

  4. Amir Hamzah Jaafar Avatar

    can u help me? i got problem went to change the potrait n line colour. i just can change 2 colour only, white or black even i click at another colour. im tried to many to get a colour. but it just a same. i hope u can help me n also can understand me. sorry my bad english

  5. Sravan Palla Avatar

    Hey, I kept watching you for a lot and I like it a lot so I was hoping if you could make me one logo please…

  6. shaik afroz alam Avatar

    sir which version u usin

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