Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Smoke Disintegration Effect

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial Smoke Effect. How to make Smoke Effect in Photoshop CS6.Disintegration Effect
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25 responses to “Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Smoke Disintegration Effect”

  1. Galaxy Fox TV Avatar

    а где скачать инструменты ну где дым????where to download tools where the smoke????

  2. GT Shadow LR Avatar

    Yes, definitely your techniques make the normal images look great, thanks for showing us how it is done: 3

  3. Rox Champ Avatar

    your tutorial is very attractive and easy to see him

  4. Elena Diego Marcote Avatar

    Subtitles would help, yes, even I can understand the steps with enough attention. But my point is the idea you has gave me: make a kind of wings with the smoke effect! Thanks!

  5. sammy sam Avatar

    can someone please direct me where i can download brushes and effect cz am kinda lost

  6. Deni MX Avatar

    stock model please..

  7. Muh Irsan Ramadhan Avatar

    what is the cover song ?

  8. Nur Sadikin Avatar

    nice tutor. thanks

  9. Anusha Shetty Avatar

    How 2 create disintegration effects in android mobiles?

  10. Ibnu Izzan Avatar

    Buddy, it's too fast for a tutorial video. You might be add "Time Lapse Editting" on your tittle or description. Anyway, your editting skill is very amazing 🙂

  11. Anthony R Avatar

    I'm downloading the brushes and when I try to open it says that it has a configuration error can anyone help me please thank you.

  12. Jay Reez Avatar

    why does this not work for everyone..i dont get following step by step!

  13. Embryo Luciel Avatar

    to be honest You should talk and explain while you do this , rather than playing music its just making a distraction specially if newby will follow your work.

  14. bryan kasim Avatar

    sir can u gave me the link of the free brushes tahnks ^_^

  15. Reyad zaouche Avatar

    مرحباا اريد شعار من فضلكم فيه REYAD……….. تسوي لي توقيع ب اسم ZAOUCHE من فضلكم ورربي يحفظكم

  16. Exhustani Avatar

    and u didnt show u did that lighting thing 🙁 pls !!

  17. Exhustani Avatar

    who was that japanise Girl in that pic ?

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