Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Water Photo manipulation Bulb

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial Water Photo manipulation Bulb
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39 responses to “Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – Water Photo manipulation Bulb”


    which music u used bruh in background tell me the name nice tutorial of this bulb

  2. Cat Oct Avatar

    petrolium lamp – just turn up it

  3. ADEX Avatar

    These things are so simple to do…I guess its all about imagination. Wish I could think of this stuff

  4. Simon O'Shea Avatar

    That music is awful.

  5. Allen Habbo Avatar

    Como entro em contato com vc quero te pedir um Banner pro meu canal !

  6. Raghu varun Avatar

    Guys i want To photoshop Cs6 ……PLz …….send ME YAAARRRR

  7. Hong Jin Zhang Avatar

    1.Circular mask
    2.level control mask
    3.Hand correction

  8. habeeb rahman Avatar

    very good edits…pls provide a link for both images.

  9. Wayne Joe Avatar

    wow that's really cool!

  10. Jon White Avatar

    where is a link to the images…please

  11. LiChi E-commerce Avatar

    It's very useful for business .creative idea.

  12. Amas S Avatar

    What this is size width and height document ? u could write for this ? Good work, I like it.

  13. Muhammad Shahrukh khan Avatar

    Just awesome works you have done brother 🙂

  14. mitra patel Avatar

    can u leave refrence pic of tutriols

  15. mitra patel Avatar

    nice one its cool

  16. hamz anjjat Avatar

    bro we need the pics that u use in this vid and tnx

  17. SHAZADA Avatar

    so good please can you copy the link of photos?

  18. Karim Souif Avatar

    I have Photoshop CS5. Are they functioning the same?

  19. Oktave Studios Avatar

    Where is the rest of the tutorial?

  20. TERRAMOUNT Avatar

    awesome tutorial 🙂

  21. zSof Avatar

    How to make the lightbulb go on its side?

  22. CoFerrns Avatar

    at 2:04 how do you get that eraser thing trying but have no idea ho you did that im pretty new

  23. Cathy Neary Avatar

    Cool! Thank you <3

  24. Cindyo Dhelistya Sis Pratama Avatar

    Can you give us the stock photo's Link?

  25. Abdul Hafiz Lillo Avatar

    i don't like the process…..i want you to make your own water….

  26. Adel Morse Avatar

    Make something from scratch instead, anyone with basic skills in Photoshop can combine photos…. ~yawn~

  27.  Avatar


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