Photoshop | Double Exposure Effect Tutorial

In this double exposure tutorial in photoshop we will learn how to combine to images and blend them together to create this photo effect.

-This effect of double exposure can be done in many different ways including the one where you can do it directly using your dslr camera and this trick is more on simpler side.

Photographer can use it showcase some kickass editing work and grapihc designers can use it in various works like posters and adds.

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22 responses to “Photoshop | Double Exposure Effect Tutorial”

  1. MeowsChan Avatar

    the branches link won't work ;-; help me!

  2. tariq king Avatar

    sir thanks for this vedio

  3. Xudeep Thapa Avatar

    which version of Ps are you using ?

  4. John Torres Avatar

    the forehead is odd

  5. Arpad Jakab Avatar

    yah very cool but SLOW DOWN

  6. Zos Jupiter Avatar

    bla bla bla bla you talk a lot

  7. shanta chowdhury Avatar

    You are my new teacher…..

  8. Dk Bros Avatar

    hey man where ar u

  9. Dream Project Avatar

    Hey Dude, If you want to share your skilled than don't skip step. If you want to skip it than don't upload video.

  10. luciole781 Avatar

    I love your tutorial , you are so funny and same time informative. Well done ♥

  11. nagendra kv Avatar

    ur the worlds best teacher, i love ur videos, and explanation is awesome dhrval

  12. Zeyna Amazonlu Avatar

    pent buckıt 🙂 thınk the accent ıs koooooooooool 🙂

  13. Ys Edits Avatar

    You are indian???

  14. Rajbeer Singh Avatar

    dude u rocks love your tutorial method

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