Photoshop | How To Enhance Eyes | Tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial shows you how to enhance eyes and change eye color in mins.

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33 responses to “Photoshop | How To Enhance Eyes | Tutorial”

  1. DarkJanet Avatar

    I would make my eyes purple and glow.

  2. Oussama Boujnah Avatar

    hi , when i click CTRL and layer 1 it doesn't change just the eyes but the whole image, what should i do?

  3. HH Life Avatar

    If you have mac, it works if you hit the CMD instead of alt or ctrl 🙂

  4. Phitchaphon Nukhong Avatar


  5. Jinwook Kwon Avatar

    고맙습니다. 포토샵에 자신감이 생기네요^^ Thank you!

  6. Ruthie Madison Avatar

    Is that alt and control? Also when I select layer via copy, it just gives me another copy of the whole image not theeyes. I see in your video a transparent layer.

  7. Ali Nawab Gondal Avatar

    perfect …but actually she not perfect

  8. Johnny Good Avatar

    Man it saturize all face I followed all steps… hm needs to try again. Somehow eye selection got lost

  9. lalala lalala Avatar

    At 01:54 it's not Ctrl+click on "Layer1"? Why Alt+click on this layer?
    Thank you!!!

  10. DJ RenoHIX Avatar

    what photoshop do u use ?

  11. Lukas Eriksson Avatar

    The hue saturation thingy doesnt work for me, instead of pressing alt to select the eye i pressed CTRL which is the correct key,  but then i cant select hue/saturation???

  12. Sonicbreeze Beccacott Avatar

    can u also do this with character eyes? i hope so…

  13. Isabelle Ekbäck Avatar

    When I do this, there is no little box that pops up so I can't click on a button called "colorize" because there is no such button 🙁 What do I do?

  14. Olivia D'Elia Avatar

    This is not working for me and I'm annoyed!!!

  15. Delz Media Avatar

    Hello, fantastic tutorial, really awesome, easy to follow and not too long either, so thank you very much. To all the people having trouble at the hue and saturation part, you have to press ctrl not alt when selecting the eyes, well that's what worked for me anyway, good luck and happy photoshopping to all!

  16. can gericke Avatar

    hey gotta problem im doing everthing same but by the step hue and stratuation not only the eyes everything collors

  17. Photoshop Tutorials Avatar

    @Suyash Nandgaonkar
    I know that, there's an annotation indicating so. You should enable replies.

  18. MASCOX14 Avatar

    Short videos,but epic.
    just what i wanted.

  19. Kris Martens Avatar

    same problems as below…

  20. Tashi Shakya Avatar

    excellent sir…. 

  21. shaked aviman Avatar

    This painting my monitor and the eye

  22. Arrahman Arif Avatar


  23. Anna-Carina Tetzner Avatar

    When I click ALT and Layer 1 it doesn't seem to select the eyes… any idea why? Why I go to Hue/Saturation it changes the entire image….

  24. muhammad afzal Avatar

    excellent and super duper your tutorial.thanx for this important tutorialsl.

  25. Panos Kalligeros Avatar

    when i hit colorize,it colorizes the whole pcture,what should i do??

  26. James Wong Avatar

    Thanks So Much ! it's very helpful

  27. Bobo Avatar

    Why i cant select the eyes? 🙁 i hold ALT and click and i only select layer. What is a problem?

  28. CalebDesignsHD Avatar

    i <3 your tutorials 😀

  29. FlowStudios Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial, I have a couple of requests..
    I inboxed you.

  30. Raihan Ullah Avatar

    can you make a video for dark eyes?

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