Photoshop: How To Remove Backgrounds

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20 responses to “Photoshop: How To Remove Backgrounds”

  1. Ailurophile Avatar

    why disable like/dislikes?

  2. Hambro Avatar

    And then there's, where you literally just delete the background with a magic wand. Thanks Adobe, you make things real easy.

  3. Carolina Rosa Avatar

    Good tutorial. 😉

  4. Masa Shaheen Avatar

    mmmm.. what version is ur photoshop?

  5. Sebastian Kaliszuk Avatar

    What if there is a lot of hair?

  6. aleja sp Avatar

    Hi, it can be done on a normal picture or it has to be a .psd one?. Because i need to do this with a drawing i made and scanned. Thanks SO MUCH anyways, i've been watching tutorials everywhere and yours is so easy to follow, i'll give a try. I'm new at Photoshop i the one i installed was the same as you 🙂

  7. Daniel Kihonge Avatar

    Hi, can you please do a tutorial on how to create various colored backgrounds for a backdrop or portrait rather. Thanks in advance

  8. Sylvia Ronquillo Avatar

    Thanks for this ! It really helped me so much ! I can now make a png in easy way.. :))

  9. Lilian Avatar

    I used the Quick Selection Tool instead but the rest was really good, thanks!

  10. MyNamesNotKim Avatar

    Thank you so much!
    Best tutorial I've seen

  11. Tweedo Thirteen Avatar

    Thanks! It do Helps me

  12. jeggrassner21 Avatar

    how to put in a new background?? i'm a beginner and i didnt understand the last thing in the video how u drag the photo to a new background.. help!!

  13. Miguel Castro Avatar

    I'm a beginner using Photoshop and every time I drag the main photo to the new background it just expands and fills out all the background, I mean it looks way bigger, I don´t know how to maintain the size that the object has in the original photo, so when I drag it into the new background it looks the same. What can I do o what am I doing wrong? Thank you!!

  14. Cindy Roberts Avatar

    I am not sure why people are complaining.. If you think you can do it with another program then do it with it. This is a tutorial using Photoshop. Common now.

  15. Nigger Steve Avatar

    im pretty sure you can do this in Microsoft paint

  16. cutefluffypanda Avatar

    that also works, but i think this was made for backgrounds that aren't 1 solid color 😛

  17. skilltet Avatar

    i did it all but i cant layer ia copy it says "could not make a new layer from the selection because the pixels in a type that cannot be modified without first rasterizing the layer"

  18. Justafrienddotcom Avatar

    trust me, amazing! try a torrent and if you like it totally buy it. worth every penny.

  19. Photoshop Tutorials Avatar

    I've heard of it, but never tried it before, I'll give it a try sometime though:)

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