Photoshop | Logo Design Tutorial | Galaxy Logo

in this video we will lean how to design logo in photoshop, and apply galaxy effect to it. The main base of logo is round

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Font :

Galaxy 1:

Galaxy 2 :






23 responses to “Photoshop | Logo Design Tutorial | Galaxy Logo”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects Avatar

    PhotoshOOP, coz photoshop is too mainstream. i fukd up, can't change it now. sorry to the grammar police. MERCY !!!
    ( i created file in photoshop and kept it for 1-2 days, and after that edited it for like 3 hours in video editing, and still missed it. what is wrong with me ?!?! )

  2. Tomi Barrios Avatar

    Why i cant put underline whit the number nine?

  3. MeowsChan Avatar

    may i ask how do i add the texts?

  4. Dayan Kong Avatar

    Help me so much! Thanks Photoshop Tutorials

  5. Adi Euekuy Avatar

    This What Photoshop?CS3 OR CS4 OR CS5 OR CS6?

  6. Adi Euekuy Avatar

    Ini Photoshop Apa?CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6?

  7. VertiS Avatar

    do you think i can use it like profile picture on steam and skype ? btw +1like and sub

  8. Superfriki Otaku Avatar

    Hello, thank you very much, I am Mexican and I speak logically Spanish, right now I am using the google translator, I want to thank you, because although I do not know anything English, I could follow your tutorial perfectly, you know how to explain very well, although I do not know how to speak English, I understood the video and I could do my logo very well.

  9. AdolfochonMusic Avatar

    this is the font, for the people that cant download in the link of the description

  10. daud khan Avatar

    thanks sir but try to make it slow! it looks that you practice your self!

  11. Sheeba Biju Avatar

    Hey Dude, This tutorial was very helpful, it was used for my channel logo(not yet), now my friends are all jealous of me hahaha

  12. Jan-Peter Mohwinkel Avatar

    Hi, nice video. Can you explain or do you know how to make this kind of logo as a watermark for pictures. So what do I have to do to make it onlz the small log for a watermakr without the "paper" in the background.

  13. Jancer Polanco Avatar

    Amo este video! me fue super util

  14. K-town vlogs Avatar

    hey thanks bro , look what i made 😀

  15. Jonathan Borges Avatar


  16. vy tran Avatar

    What app did u use ?

  17. serantion dusty Avatar

    Thanks you helpged me a lot! Great video.

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