Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial ( Foggy Night )

In this Photoshop manipulation tutorial, we will learn how to create a foggy night setting by blending multiply images together. Our main focus will be adding the model to several different landscape settings, adding realistic shadows, creating catchy light sources, and then adding adjustment gradient layers to really make the image stand out. Hope you enjoy, and learn something!

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Photo Credit: Empty Landscape

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37 responses to “Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial ( Foggy Night )”

  1. Harihar Biswal Avatar

    i am very happy to see your video as a beginner but i am very sorry i do not get your mobile number pleaser give your mobile number or your e mail id

  2. Mad Trippin Avatar

    The lamp should have no shadow, since it is emitting light.

  3. Tee Jack Avatar

    Layer Legend you are! Brilliant work Sir.

  4. Neko Avatar

    very interesting thank you for brillant tutorial.

  5. RD Bagayas Avatar

    Where to download "look up table" files with the foggy night.3dl? Been searching for hours T_T

  6. Sümeyya Kara Avatar

    Landscape 404 NOT 🙁

  7. George Hatoutsidis Avatar

    (Pen) my favore tool 😉

  8. Anthony Archer Avatar

    How do you rotate the 'shadow'?

  9. Joao Paulo Dias Avatar

    This is the perfection my friend…thanks!!!

  10. Ahmed Desouky Avatar

    one of the most awesome tutorials i ever watched … it helped me a lot man ' thaaaanks ♥

  11. asis rai Avatar

    4:54 sec when i delete the selection instead of the background i get a white background. how do i resolve this , kind people?

  12. salman mohamed Avatar

    Great ur explaining so easier

  13. mmumk s Avatar

    Wow that is what can I just say

  14. Stephane Isnard Avatar

    Thank you.
    how i can get the image of landscape ? the file link is broken.

  15. bandar Homs Avatar

    hi guys
    i tried to open the empty landscape image but it didn't open with me
    what i have to do? 🙁

  16. Emad Fadel Real estate Ottawa agent Avatar

    thank you so much learned a lot, how can i show you the way i did it?

  17. Jessica Hicks Avatar

    That is so cool, I like how you teach Photoshop, easy to follow along.

  18. t dub Avatar

    I like silence way tutorials instead the other annoying tutorials with 5 mins intros, advertising their other videos and comments then the other 2 mins of actual showing. Or the ones with some accent I can't even understand, it's a shame some have talents though.

  19. Jan Masař Avatar

    Naprosto perfektní práce.

  20. EytaN E Avatar

    download images 🙂

  21. Naughty Skeleton Avatar

    why you ignoring people that have problems??

  22. Auto Advice Avatar

    Awesome work keep it up!!!!
    By Rkdesign

  23. Naughty Skeleton Avatar

    The empty landscape link is not found, if you can please fix it i will be much applause

  24. BrandonBowen Vines Avatar

    photoshop tutorial please help i got a problem my tools in left are dissapare

  25. OverPowered Avatar

    That intro is just awesome, you have some serious talent there 😉

  26. DeziFour Avatar

    sometime when i use pen tool it will curve no matter whateven if i press alt i dont get it

  27. daedrian malcolm Avatar

    Hey  I need that camera raw filter i cant seem to get i'm using Cs6 on windows 8

  28. ThePixelPizza Avatar

    Nice to know other people like the silent way of teaching photoshop

  29. Golden Robot Avatar

    can you make a video where you can show us what does all the tools do?

  30. Jammy Jam Avatar

    Great photoshop manipulation guide…
    And, I shouldn't critique since I am beginner at photoshopping, but one thing I don't get…
    You see, when you added lantern which is obviously lit, doesn't that mean it will at least light her a back a bit… and you created lantern's shadow, but shouldn't you consider its own light as well as it creates a circular shadow on the land itself and then the light from the sun creates the light shadow of lantern that you made…? … does that make sense…? Sorry
    But.. one hell of a mad photoshopping skill 🙂

  31. Tim Tomczyk Avatar

    I love this! It looks very natural! For the longest time I was bothered how the model's feet and her bottom felt unnatural until you added the grass at the end haha. When you did that I was like "FINALLY" lol great work 🙂

  32. Michał Zielonka Avatar

    Can someone give me some tips to be better designer? I'm begineer, but I'm in same place with graphics for 5 months, and I can't learn nothing new 🙁

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