Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial: LOST

Learn how to create a fantasy/beautiful manipulation scene. We will be mainly focusing on, adding images to
our main project, blending them in cleanly, adding shadows, gradients, colors and much more. For the final step
we’ll just into the camera raw filter and add a few little touches for our final images. Hope you all enjoy!

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Model Photo Credit: by Mirish on DeviantArt


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I know this tutorial is pretty long! You may need to take a few coffee breaks, if you drink coffee. 😉






26 responses to “Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial: LOST”

  1. Mamatha G Avatar

    it is very nice I love ps

  2. Hajroora AlKandery Avatar

    thank you for this tutorial , I'm enjoying to try this

  3. Jordan.S Avatar

    Man you are good with photo shop i am learning more and more. Keep on doing what you do this is great thank you so much for the tutorials!

  4. Dine Avatar

    I can't find the image in the discription. can you help me to find plz

  5. Grinko Vlad Avatar

    Its awesome) Prosperity to ur channel)

  6. Neko Avatar

    Fantastic course! Im very glad and happy for this brillant tutorial 🙂 Rewelacja.

  7. Janzen2345 Gaming Avatar

    Thanyou for your videos its very helpful for me!!!your so Amazing. pls create more Videos !!!

  8. Francisca Alexandra Avatar

    give me the first video image please

  9. i77310 Avatar

    hi Can you help me, after I cut the model out using pen tool and click make selection and ok, There is always this dotted line around the frame so when I cut out, I cut out the model. I want to get rid of the background instead, how?

  10. Fahad Mapari Avatar

    awesome tutorial. .. but can you please make tutorial through speaking

  11. Noha Morgan Avatar

    extremely helpful and amazing! nice work and very organised also.

  12. 911 CHUNG Avatar

    Beautiful, it looks like a nice painting

  13. Hugh Mobley Avatar

    I love the step by step process, other tutorials zip thru with no explanation at all! I appreciate all the explanations,

  14. Opphera Ranshokaqquon Avatar

    Too awesome!
    I learn a lot of things from this video!

  15. Bogdan Pupeza Avatar

    ty very much i like it 😀

  16. Evie-Louise Goddings Avatar

    i feel like the map ruined it :/

  17. Ninja Avatar

    Duude , look how my image looked like in the end :
    This is amazing ! Thx dude i learned a lot with your tutorial !
    I'm a Brazilian fan 😀

  18. Mohammed Hawamdeh Avatar

    What is the music name ???

  19. Noah Avatar

    Does anyone have the final psd?

  20. IronPhoenix Avatar

    I love your Tutorials the step by step instructions are amazingly helpful 🙂 Will you please do more fantasy scenes, I absolutely love them!

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