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Hellow and welcome to my advanced photoshop tutorial, this is probabaly the longest manipulation tutorial yet so i decided to put time marks so you can jump between topics and save some time.

We will learn lots of things like lighting , creating background, matching colors so entire scene seems like one whole picture, this manipulation will also cover how to add special photo effects like fire on hands and add lighting to it. Also i ll show how to add spark effect to make it look even awesome.

0:57 prepare background

7:28 adding rocks and color correction on model

14:43 create glow in between and add sparks

20:56 adding lava cracks on forground

24:28 fire on hands

30:28 color grading on entire image to give overall tone


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24 responses to “Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial | Welcome to Hell | Photo Effect”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects Avatar

    i have migraine after listening to my own voice for 6 hours in editing, i hope you guys like it 😉

  2. Bhaskar Prajapati Avatar

    How do you move the screen by making selection with lasso or pen tool

  3. tony stark Avatar

    this is a awesome channel

  4. PriiME Tech Avatar

    Bro the building link not working!

  5. the shan vines Avatar

    SILWAT which is not a SILWAT

  6. NA edits Avatar

    bro i did it bro

  7. Kar Wing Leong Avatar

    You save me !when I did my assignment I am so appreciate your tutorial video:3 .You are help me a lot:)

  8. NIVEK-OTAKU n.n Avatar

    You are Amazing, I did it as I was Watching you and I made just as cool as you did it n.n

  9. Jordan Phillip Avatar

    forgot too add the stars to the download link

  10. Jordan Phillip Avatar

    loved it, need to make more love your tutarials

  11. Luiz Avatar

    what we can do if doesn't have the field blur?

  12. Reza Bakhshi Avatar

    from where i can find field blur i use photoshop cc2015 ?

  13. rock the world Avatar

    sir how to creat monster fair effect photos

  14. Angel Rice Avatar

    I've seen longer tutorials, but I've enjoyed this one. Thank you so much!

  15. Gonçalo Antunes Avatar


  16. MLCreations Avatar

    Fantastic tutorial…

  17. Dj Kivler Avatar

    u are very fluent in english not like any other indians who do tutorials and i hope u do more lessons soon!

  18. Mubin Ahsan Avatar

    Can you please make a watery effect like this. You know like Aquaman or Percy Jackson?

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