Photoshop [ Shape Cluster Effect ] Tutorial

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18 responses to “Photoshop [ Shape Cluster Effect ] Tutorial”

  1. AndroidFighterHQ Avatar

    pls reply this isimportant, why my grids are big?

  2. FearInThaFace Avatar

    Super idea, I like it besr in white 🙂

  3. Nate Scheve Avatar

    Its not letting me paint the outer edge…

  4. Aykut Turgut Avatar

    your channes is awesome but this one i can done this on paint 😀 no offensive

  5. Scarecrow Avatar

    you are the best bro
    😀 😀

  6. Tobbe Ytube Avatar

    Is Photoshop CC actually worth purchasing each month?

  7. koyko Avatar

    Hey bro, your tutorials are awesome.
    When will your website be up? : – )

  8. Marcin Machulik Avatar

    More more more … ! P.S. You are the best 😉

  9. donald lewis Avatar

    thank you for uploading these tutz.

  10. Kevin Wu Avatar

    Download link please?

  11. Sakis Kouvas Avatar

    I have learned lots from your tutorals thxx

  12. Сергей Рыбакин Avatar

    Just out of curiosity.. how long have you been using photoshop for?

  13. Janusz Majewski Avatar

    great job, i would have just used the ruler tool 😛

  14. James Bosnick Avatar

    cool tutorial and thank you.

  15. Acimud Demov Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial. Just wondering though… Can you add a background instead of a sold color?

  16. Photoshop Tutorials Avatar

    You can download the pre-made grid, link is in the description.

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