Photoshop Tutorial – 14 – Lasso Tool

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31 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial – 14 – Lasso Tool”

  1. Stubborn R Avatar

    ehhhehhh trying to make a selection ehhhehehehehe
    Nice video

  2. Syed Bilal Gilani Avatar

    Hi Man,
    I dont think any more basic level help and guidance i need after i have seen all of your tutorials.
    I am really impressed and if i can know that what kind of software do u use for the screen recording because u can zoom in and out very n very gently.
    Kindly help me regarding this.

  3. Reachforth Avatar

    +1 for cocain reference. 

  4. MrAwesomeLuis Avatar

    The Alt+ selection tool no longer works, any help?

  5. Big L Avatar

    This man is a frickin' GENIUS.

  6. smartbro678 Avatar

    i'm using PS CS6 Extended right now and the Alt key that he mentioned is not working even from Tutorial 13 but mmhhhmmm i guess i'll have to figure this out myself….

  7. KrasiStoyanov Avatar

    I'm using Photoshop CS5 and when I try to cut something like using the rectangular… or the laso, and when I go to Edit + Cut It says that I can't cut anything. I mean that it doesn't let me cut anything using the crop tools!!! Please Help!!!

  8. Tav Avatar

    Click and hold alt. Then make a single click on the mouse, dont hold the mouse

  9. Harry Katrakis Avatar

    when i press the Alt key it just goes into substract mode!

  10. WastedMushroomsMedia Avatar

    what is the name a photoshop`?

  11. Huy Hoang Vu Avatar

    Did you create a new layer then cut it? i think thats the case

  12. Joshua Ng Avatar

    i cant cut the photo.

    Could not complete the Cut command because the selected area is empty.


  13. Brandon Davis Avatar

    With only 14 tutorials? hmm weird.

  14. NieliHD Avatar

    Alt isnt working here for straight lines ?

  15. New_IndieGame_Developer Avatar

    maybe one day they'll manage to make an update feather tool sometime to be able to update it's self when you've already made a selection. strange this feature does not feature in any photoshop….

  16. GrandSl amDunk Avatar

    people really ask too much from people damn look at these comments below

  17. boascope Avatar

    In fact holding alt key switches the to the polygon lasso tool.

  18. Kayemache Avatar

    Why does Kurt looks so mad?

  19. billyrubin666 Avatar

    i think it's shift-key to make straight lines….

  20. Brandon Davis Avatar

    What happened to Qt C++ tutorials?

  21. ilovecomedyppl Avatar

    Great video. I already learned photoshop in school but this is teaching me some things I didn't know before. Keep up the great vids!!!

  22. البقاء للأقوى Avatar

    bucky Thank You.
    Respect From MOROCCO!!!

  23. shatley123 Avatar

    it probably needs to proccess

  24. shatley123 Avatar

    No Life!

    just kidding i'm not a dick 🙂

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