Photoshop Tutorial : 3 Easy Photo Effects

This Photoshop tutorial covers how to create three different photo effects. The first tutorial covers how to add a gradient silhouette effect. The second tutorial shows you how to quickly create a color splash effect and the third tutorial teaches you how to create a ghost image effect, or a ghostly image. These three tutorials are mainly for beginners, but are fun to create. Don’t forget to leave a like, comment and share. It truly helps out tremendously. You guys are awesome, thank you!

1)Gradient Silhouette Effect 0:23

2)Color Splash Effect 1:47

3)Ghostly Image Effect 3:40

The Images used in this tutorial can be found here

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37 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial : 3 Easy Photo Effects”

  1. Jordan bridge Avatar

    when i select sketch and torn edges my whole photo just goes white?

  2. IAMCUBZ1 Avatar

    My pic is just really white.

  3. potato lololol Avatar

    Thanks, it really helped me with the basics of photoshop!

  4. Ilema003 Avatar

    Those are skillsss. Works good thanks!!!

  5. Yan Araújo Avatar

    what is the effect and the music of the introduction?
    I liked too!

    +Photoshop Tutorials

  6. Ash W Avatar

    Earned one sub and u are amazing

  7. Zainap baraket Avatar

    what color should i use because i only have black and white photos

  8. Neko Avatar

    good 🙂 ghost effect the best!

  9. K Carmen Avatar

    Great tutorial, except I'm not sure where the Paper Texture magically appeared from. As a beginner, I haven't the first idea where to go to get that.

    Also, it would help if you mentioned that the original image should be saved at 300 pixels rather that something larger (and very common these days given the advancements in full sensor SLRs). This might be why so many people are having trouble with blur…

  10. Jonathan Mendez cruz Avatar

    who else is from mckinley? -__-

  11. Swat - Mamba Avatar

    first one doesnt work for me i cant see color harmonies 1

  12. Salo Avatar

    Is the furst poisble in gimp?

  13. Kazuma Kiryu Avatar

    can i get a direct link for the 1st image pls :)) i couldn't find it

  14. Gail DelSavio Avatar

    I did this with cs5, and I end up with the gradient filling the portrait, and I white background. opposite of what you have here. what's up with that? please

  15. Given Avatar

    woww thanks very much for the help 🙂 😀 cause u i love using photoshop now 😀

  16. Guada Rocsaav Avatar

    where can i download this version?

  17. Rachid Baali Avatar

    Thank you so much 😀

  18. Jabir Jalil Avatar


  19. Zara Avatar

    Hi! I am new can you please tell me which software of Photoshop are you useing

  20. NaT B Avatar


  21. tonienjh Avatar

    How come you use the brush continuously without making mistake omf

  22. MurrayTheMac Avatar

    Hey … been trying to replicate the first effect, but whatever image I use the Torn Edges effect just turns the image orange? Confused.

  23. Omar Mougi Avatar

    Good Tutorials 😀 😀

  24. ectr93 Avatar

    Thank you so much 😀

  25. Levent Yuksel Avatar

    very helpful video for beginners thanks so much 🙂

  26. Jorrit Van Der Tol Avatar

    the first time work it bud no i doesnt work again (Blur)  Nice channel and vid

  27. Alibaster Storm Avatar

    Oh, And i swear you have one of the coolest intro's ever.

  28. Alibaster Storm Avatar

    Ah! Thank you so much! Your tutorials look amazing, and are quite easy to follow! Thank you for all the hard work!

  29. OLBY Khadjiev Avatar

    Awesome ! Thanks 😀

  30. Arsalan Jilani Avatar

    thanks a lot for this basics … i am a new learner 😉

  31. clairelou1607 Avatar

    love this video can't wait to try on my wedding photos. really got some inspiration. great channel.

  32. MrGoodForYouBro Avatar

    Can u do a tutorial on how to put animal heads on people and make the animal head have the same color as the people skin like so he see. So for bad English

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