Photoshop Tutorial | 3D pop out effect (Dancing Girl photo)

Watch Original Tutorial (its kind of similar) :

This is follow up for 3D pop up effect tutorial i uploaded yesterday.
And to be honest i am little nervous, not sure if you guys will like it or not.

In previous tutorial at the end i showed this file and asked if you guys want tutorial on this, and couple of people said they want it, so here it is as asked 🙂

In the changes, i changed the shadows a little, changed color correction and also i explained couple things about how much blur to use and how to decide proper colour for lighting effects.

if you don’t like this type of follow up tutorials videos just kindly let me know in comments, i wont mind criticism

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂


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23 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial | 3D pop out effect (Dancing Girl photo)”

  1. Lotus Baby Avatar

    جيد جدا .. شكرا لك

  2. laxman tamang Avatar

    bro i am from nepal n ur tutorials are so good but
    in protol how to make enough

  3. kv swathi Avatar

    hi dhruval i want to see ur image plz upload ur images for ur subcribers

  4. kv swathi Avatar

    hi dhruval iam biggest fan of ur explanation

  5. Shopon Khan Avatar

    Thank you boss. It is a great tutorial. I loved it.

  6. nazim ahmad Avatar

    nice work buddy ur videos always make me happy u r the best
    keep it up

  7. Wayne nokz Avatar

    magnetic laso tool is too hard than i expected

  8. E&G x Avatar

    I don't have the 'refine edge' thing… please help? :/

  9. Pako Grau Avatar

    Muy bueno, gracias por el tuto

  10. Faiz Qamar Avatar

    In refining edge the corner became white after refining edge in photo.what should i do ?

  11. Suraj Kumar Avatar

    how to zoomin zoom out when using magnetic lasso tool??????????????

  12. Simon Rolfe Avatar

    Brilliant tutorial dude. Very professional and I absolutely love it.

  13. sagar madhavi Avatar

    nice effects on That girl …

  14. Jacob Topping Avatar

    These tutorials are amazing man!!! I LOVE THESE!!!!

    Can you do some tutorials on how to make T-shirt designs, the BEST ways?


  15. Radelio Pano Avatar

    just amazing master 😀

  16. Mohamed Anas Avatar


  17. vinay rider Avatar

    why don't u edit viewers photos bro

  18. Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects Avatar

    As i promised, here is the follow up video with dancing girl picture 🙂

    NOTE: Its not regular tutorial like i upload every other day, that video will be out tomorrow or day after that 😉

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