Photoshop Tutorial: Classic Metal Text Effect

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Classic Metal Text Effect
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9 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial: Classic Metal Text Effect”

  1. Garelu Nushke Avatar

    bro tell me entro file plz

  2. Barba Negra Avatar

    which you use photoshop ?

  3. Bandolero HAS Avatar

    Can that be done in CS4?

  4. ExilusArtz Avatar

    your really helpful thanks! can you add me on skype and show me some basics to photoshop I just started!

  5. تعلم كل شيئ Avatar

    can I get the psd projet ?

  6. jeux abdelbasset Avatar

    اشتركوا بقناتي للجيمر

  7. ValiYT Avatar

    First Comend wow Perfect video and Photoshop Chaneel

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