Photoshop tutorial | Creative ink splash / Splatter Photo Effect

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i mixed ink splash brush with some sunset images and created some photo effect like this… its super easy, super fun and every time you can try and create different output with same method…

just use different brushes if you do this on multiple images. i have also shown quickly how you can change the background and we will also use threshold effect like we did in galaxy effect tutorial and then some sunset image and screen bland mode and you are good to go.

its little bit similar to the photo effect that i have done in past but also little different and easy. the photoshop dispersion brushes i have used are really good and high resolution but i would recommend trying to find you own set of photoshop brush and experiment with different brushes.

i am reading your suggestions and ideas and keep coming them. this month is tight with the videos that i wanna make but next month i m gonna upload even more videos so i will take your requests in that 🙂

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30 responses to “Photoshop tutorial | Creative ink splash / Splatter Photo Effect”

  1. Creative Works Avatar

    awesome tutorial. love the way u explain. thanks

  2. Technical BOYS Avatar

    bhai tu konsa photoshop use krta hai

  3. Educobs Avatar

    Amazing Bro, which software u r using to record ur screen?

  4. Ameen Tehseen Avatar

    your accent <3
    because of this tutorial I have now started my photo effect portrait design page 😀
    Thanks Mate 🙂

  5. Trần Thanh Dương Avatar

    It's great <3 tks 4 ur video :))

  6. shweta agarwal Avatar

    Hi, after mask clipping when I am using "History brush tool" it is showing "could not use the history brush because the history state does not contain a corresponding layer". Even eraser tool is also not working on mask .. what to do? please help.

  7. Nabin Bairagi Avatar

    very nice tutorial.

  8. Minh Nguyễn Avatar

    It's very useful! Thanks very much


    bro listen.. first i use photoshop cs6 registered then i made it extended with 3d option now it became in trail version. i uninstalled and install it again but still showing trail version please help me how to remove extension or remove trail..
    looking forward for ur reply..

  10. shubham bamola Avatar

    can u tell me which version photoshop are you using…? please

  11. THE ZN -ziyaankhan Avatar

    bro please make in PS cs3

  12. Vikrant Waphgaonkar Avatar

    you made it easy to understand

  13. Sergio Terron Avatar

    Fantastic…u'r good teacher.

  14. JBaltzley Avatar

    Am I being scammed?

  15. veyis veliyev Avatar

    I love indians 🙂

  16. Nitesh Pande Avatar

    Thanks a lot for the video. I like the stuff you are doing.
    I am facing problem in applying threshold property in images. After applying threshold property in is not appearing the way it it coming for you. Images care becoming very dark and it is getting really very difficult to carry on ahead. Is there any other way or are there any other guidelines while choosing the image?

  17. Ami Amer Avatar

    Great work ,thx very much!

  18. Harshit Gulati Avatar

    I'm not able to get proper black part i only get my face and if i want to get the t shirt also the dark part covers the whole face please help ….

  19. Ravi Cena Avatar

    Realy great learning channel

  20. chettout yacine Avatar

    amazing tutorial 🙂 thanks a lot

  21. yangyang jia Avatar

    Really good, learned a lot! Thank you

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