Photoshop Tutorial | Dispersion Effect

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How to create dispersion effect without any custom brushes ? well here is the video showing you how it can be done. Its really easy, all you have to do is create your own brush for the effect and i will show you how to do it fast and easy.

I used square boxes for this photo effect but you can try any shape you want and it works on all types of pictures. So i hope you have fun following this photoshop tutorial.

And for any questions ask me in comments, i ll do my best to help you out 😉 so till than good bye, take care and have some fun with photoshop.


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36 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial | Dispersion Effect”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects Avatar

    Everyone thank you for voting Black and white as better version i changed the thumbnail to black and white 😀

  2. Ivy ღ Avatar

    Yay! I started learning photoshop by myself just 2 days ago… and I have to really subscribed to your channel cause you are simply awesome! Thank you! – love from Philippines ❤️

  3. Just Mee Avatar

    Your video keeps on fuzzing up for some odd reason

  4. Mike Zador Avatar

    Aaaa…. not enough memory RAM

  5. Mike Zador Avatar

    Thank YOU for the tutorial, for spending your OWN time to save our time, I realy likes how you explain and your tutorials are great

  6. Yaneidy Vazquez Avatar

    color version better. Thanks for the help

  7. kanika fernandes Avatar

    where did you get that accent from? you say x-peri-mant and "perrrrfect" ? it's awkward. just use the Indian accent bro! or the British or whatever. Just don't mix it. Feels weird to watch the video. thanks. okay. bye.

  8. Tia DeGiobbi Avatar

    amazing and white looks better 🙂

  9. Anupriya Pal Avatar

    hey…. your work looks more realistic nd way mch convincing…..
    ur voice is awesm <3

  10. Sebastian John Avatar

    you shits good bro. keep it up

  11. crusnik04 Avatar

    I like the black and whit better…looks more sophisticated.

  12. JimmyJackin'Joe Avatar

    Wou! This is a great tutorial! Thanks! Very effective, not much rambling. Love it!

  13. Phillip Williams Avatar

    i like colour version better

  14. Josh Khalepari Avatar

    Your photoshop is outdated

  15. azirfirth Desk Avatar

    can i ask link for download this brush tool u use?

  16. Damião Vieira Avatar

    Excelente……. (Y)

  17. Evyatar Shlomo Avatar

    that great man !!!…keep uploading fantastic tutorial

  18. Chloe Chong Avatar

    Thank you!!! I love your tutorials so so much!

  19. Eva Molló Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial

  20. Itchenphotography Avatar

    Another great tutorial – Thanks

  21. Rishabh Sikaria Avatar

    Awesome work Sir. Learnt a lot from your video. Both the B/W & color effects are great. But i liked the Orange Violet gradient map more 😉

  22. Techincal Scientist Avatar

    black n white is better bro

  23. Prince Patel Avatar

    sir , i try my name in place of square brush …but that is not look aewsome compare to square ……..make a tutorial on how to use name as brush and right way to apply in image

    and b and w version is best…
    keep making tutorial …..
    great job….

  24. Florian Krause Avatar

    Black an white ist bettet for this effect I think.
    I like your way to teach… sometimes very fast 😉

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