Photoshop Tutorial: Fire Hands Effects

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Fire Hands Effects
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27 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial: Fire Hands Effects”

  1. Panda Boy Avatar

    thank it really helped me out for class in how to do it

  2. V Avatar

    you're the best ..keep up the awesome work brother 😀

  3. BlackBro Avatar

    Bro I love you.

  4. Rana Kishan Avatar

    mobile app se photo editing karna sikhao na

  5. Blondguy Avatar

    Thank you very much man! 🙂

  6. the mellioner Avatar

    if i asked you to make something with a pic I give u … how much will that cost .. and how shall I send it to you if you accept to do so ?

  7. Tahir Sani Avatar

    Your intro is very attractive . please guide me how to make this type of intro ? I have learned about logo. But now my need is attractive intro. please make one video of intro.
    i am waiting . . .

  8. O Inacreditável Avatar

    Please teach how to simulate a picture on a shirt

  9. Art Smart Avatar

    I swear you're the best. Very cool, Thanks for another good tutorial.:)

  10. E P I C Avatar

    Can you make logo RvG ? I want know how you make

  11. jayanesh jay Avatar

    You are awesome bro..

  12. David Viar Hernandez Avatar

    Como has creado el efecto de particular azul, de donde posteriormente aparece el texto??? Buen tutorial

  13. YoungBaller Avatar

    Hi bro, could u make a Banner for me? this is my gmail:
    My channel is like a channel with Lyric videos, funny clips, funny compilations, so a channel with everything in one

    thx !

  14. Yannick Olivier Orounla Avatar

    That's good man. Keep it on. Hopefully your channel grows

  15. Andrés Cogollo Avatar

    bro! whi no speaking en the tutial

  16. Amine Hà Avatar

    hello, please i want a logo for my channel, this is my email if you want to

  17. Hk Vutha Avatar

    Thank youuuuuuu please make more ^.^ I'm ur best supporter

  18. Shubham Patankar Avatar

    NyC job…
    Help me to fire up whole body.

  19. FreakFizzer Avatar

    Found your channel recently. I love it. Keep up the brilliant videos.

  20. The Tech Developer Avatar

    Cool Bro! Love ur every video! Hope I grow my channel like you! 😀

  21. just A•D•M Avatar

    which version of photophop are u using

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