Photoshop Tutorial: Galaxy Effect

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21 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial: Galaxy Effect”

  1. Wolf Dude Avatar

    What version is your photoshop that you are using?

  2. BoredSynvo Avatar

    Is a beard REALLY required for this? -.-

  3. Nairobi Henson Avatar

    Awesome! Very easy to follow. Thank you 🙂

  4. ahmed yahia Avatar

    Why did you duplicate the layer ?

  5. Noortje V Avatar

    Im going to try this one! im so exited! I love your work, and that you show every short key. really helpfull

  6. 강보배 Avatar

    awesome tutorial! Thanks 😀

  7. Cheesus ' Avatar

    Amazing dude!! 😀
    Photoshop that you used?

  8. Ellis Williams Avatar

    This effect is CRAZY nice! Your tutorials are very effective and are even teaching me more about how Photoshop works. Much appreciated!

  9. Hiba Hammoud Avatar

    Thank you so much! I found it really helpful as a beginner. And also please keep using this easy way of explaining, It's greatly appreciated! xx

  10. Sunny Kumar Avatar

    is very nice and so Eusy……………………………………….please try

  11. Dihelen Jacob Avatar

    thaaaaaaaaank you, you're amazing <3

  12. bhreehan jairaj Avatar

    hey can you show how to get pixel sorting effect on photoshop ?

  13. Ligsta Wyckedd Avatar

    Could I do this effect with only someones hair while leaving the rest of the color in the picture? I mean by changing their hair into a galaxy but leaving skin tone and the rest untouched?

  14. Lê Minh Tiến Avatar

    – Video nào của anh cũng thật là tuyệt vời, vừa đơn giản mà cách hướng dẫn rất chi tiết so với nhiều video của nước ngoài mà em xem.
    – Chắc cũng mệt lắm với nghĩ ra ý tưởng cũng lâu hũm anh ?
    – Rất tuyệt khi anh làm thêm 1 số video về thiết kế kiểu chữ kết hợp với background anh nhỉ :3
    – Đòi hòi hơi quá nhưng rất thích cách anh làm.
    – Chúc anh 1 ngày tốt lành <3

  15. RandomNader Avatar

    nice work your amazing

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