Photoshop Tutorial | Glowing Text Effect | Quick Tips

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create a glowing text effect in Photoshop. It’s very easy to create this effect. The main tools used in this episode are downloadable brushes, gradient tool and blending options.

Download brushes here:

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35 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial | Glowing Text Effect | Quick Tips”

  1. Kinotodor Avatar

    1:17 When I do it, I got grey paint -…………-

  2. Green Gutz Avatar

    Great! now how do I make it transparent?

  3. Gladys Wachira Avatar

    HI,my text is pix elated how i can make more visible n clear

  4. Cody de Arrigunaga Avatar

    the brush download is a virus

  5. OP Raze Avatar

    i cant select color dodge
    its greyed out

  6. Tiddleywinksandmore Avatar

    how do you do this if you don't want a black background? How do we move just the text and effects to a different file?

  7. Dlol Face Avatar

    my gaussian blur colors white help me pls

  8. AngelaMoonRain Avatar

    for anyone who doesnt have the cloud render, google cloud render, save a picture, open it in photoshop, then select it and drag it over onto your project and it will create a new lay with it. acts the same as a render

  9. Theron Langhorne Avatar

    Cool background music!

  10. Rawinia Ngohe Avatar

    How do you cut this and add to an image??

  11. NOT FOUND Avatar

    subcribe my channel, plisss

  12. Baby Nix Avatar

    whats the song in this tutorial

  13. Nate Pro Avatar

    Does anyone have the problem when you click the blur it is a solid color and is weird

  14. Face Alkher - وجه الخير Avatar

    we need more tut like that
    keep going monsters

  15. ВRoyale Avatar

    Easy and beautiful)

  16. Relampâgo Marquinhos Avatar


  17. SumNerd Avatar

    I don't have clouds in my render tab… How do I fix this please?

  18. Kai Pennay Avatar

    the clouds don't work

  19. TheMasterBlaster Avatar


  20. leo 28794 Avatar

    worked for me

  21. Janek Blutke Avatar

    wow…i do the color dodge but only the clouds are disapearing

  22. Cooper Avatar

    i didnt know were on the website to download the pack

  23. Woti Avatar

    i need help. i dont get the layer 1 thing at 1:30 can someone help me?

  24. Ali Asghar Avatar

    brush name please

  25. Fallen Deadline Avatar

    Woah! So cool to use thanks!

  26. FPS Predator Avatar

    When I try to use the gaussian blur nothing happens. Any tips?

  27. Simply Fox Avatar

    I don't have the clouds.

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