Photoshop Tutorial: Hologram iron Man Effects

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Hologram iron Man Effects
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42 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial: Hologram iron Man Effects”

  1. DaneutronDy Avatar

    think i got it, : Trama

  2. DaneutronDy Avatar

    how do you say in spanish screen cause i dont know what to choose on 1:41 and im from spain

  3. John BroSS Avatar

    Love all of your videos!! I hope you will get more subscriber and more likes! <3

  4. Rudra Nehete Avatar

    when i try to paste photo in hologram i can see only hair of my photo…what should o do ?

  5. SamAndreas Production Avatar

    It's beautiful Editing. Please sub to me and like… PLEASE

  6. françois francois Avatar

    merry christmas mon ami

  7. Shefali Singh Avatar

    I like your intro How to make it

  8. Shefali Singh Avatar

    I like your intro How to make it

  9. Nirmal Avatar

    But this is awesome

  10. Nirmal Avatar

    Instead of brushing man , we can also use quick selection tools,

  11. SS Editing Club Avatar

    which video editor you use

  12. Yash Prajapati Avatar

    hologram link is not proper as i only get model pic and eye hologram (effect 1 & 2)

  13. Nabil Maaouni Avatar

    u are the beste mane i watche all ur video fantastique

  14. manish kumar Avatar

    good but not very good but i liked

  15. barouche yoness Avatar

    Effect 1 please please

  16. ثقافة و منوعات Avatar

    In the second link, and It is the effect of the eye where the second effect

  17. ToxicAura Avatar

    Awesome video!!!! Thank you for uploading!!!! keep it up!!!!!!

  18. Tech Guy639 Avatar

    nice video but i found only one effect of eye hologram iron man in both effect plz update the link for another effect

  19. Ahmad Magdi Avatar

    i need that background

  20. vishal pokharkar Avatar

    why its showing 0 subs ??

  21. ABEDNEGOAR Avatar

    the link in effect1 and effect2 is same, please fix it bro 😀 i need that background ;D ty you cool!

  22. Андрей К. Avatar

    cool but. his helmet is so big? like a barrel?

  23. Edho Tanjung Avatar

    the effect of which nothing .. just no effect on her eyes .. please help me to that effect to the two

  24. Pachara Jantaranimi Avatar

    Thank you for your awesome videos! I can use photoshop because of your lessons

  25. Bernad Orlando Avatar

    I Have Hologram Effect to review the background section?

  26. françois francois Avatar

    encore un tres beau tuto , mon ami , merci

  27. Sutis Fernandez Avatar

    where can i get a pict of it?

  28. Philip Avatar

    The Effect1 and Effect2 in the download page is 'eye hologram iron man'. I could not get the Iron man hologram wallpaper.

  29. shishaman AKA Avatar

    I have gone to download the effects on his website and the 1 and 2 files are the same, You can fix it?

  30. Marcox 385 Avatar

    I would resize the face to the point that the shoulders are not visible because to me it looks like a giant HUD and a tiny dude, good video anyway, thank

  31. Yì Dé Avatar

    Very nice. tks for your share 🙂

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