Photoshop Tutorial | How To Create 3D Pop Out Effect

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weather you call it 3d manipulation or you call it 3d photo effect, one thing is sure, that the original picture is adorable as hell. I really love that picture and thought it would be awesome to include it in tutorial.

But as i mentioned it in my video, if you want tutorial for that dancer picture, let me know. i think that manipulation also turned out pretty good.

The actual effect is very easy, all you have to do is find correct picture and adjust perspective properly. That is everything. The color correction and lighting will only work if you have done basics of the effect properly.

So, i hope you have some fun time following this video and if you create this effect, send a pic at my facebook page, i ll happily review it 🙂


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43 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial | How To Create 3D Pop Out Effect”

  1. Ujjwal Raniwal Avatar

    give the tutorial of the building one

  2. Nurhadi Tri Utomo Avatar

    Thanks for tutorial, it's very usefull…btw I really love the way you talk…

    "Errr…where is it…?"

  3. Drak Avatar

    "…it's way too sharp, so f*** that I'm gonna…" XD

  4. Lee Marcus Avatar

    whr can download the 3d building picture?

  5. IGN Behind Lol Avatar

    Can i have that picture you used? or other images that i can pop Thanks.

  6. Ziqué Ahmad Avatar

    why am i shaking my head every time he taught me stuff??

  7. pepe gato Avatar

    fucking awesome hshshsha

  8. The Brown Nomad Avatar

    My content aware is picking up the wrong content

  9. Marx Avatar

    best to learn photoshop: EXPERIMENT every tool. done

  10. allegrias Avatar

    i'm so happy you do grood job and i'hope to have a tutorial of girl dancer thank you an god bless you

  11. Saylore Duryee Avatar

    I'm at 4:50 and I've followed the steps correctly, but when I right click on layer 1 copy, rasterize layer is greyed out. any idea on how to fix this?

  12. death cloud Avatar

    This video really help a beginner like me to get start fast with photoshop.
    Thank you so much.

  13. Helene Harmon Avatar

    I think you should definitely do more tutorials. For me, it was extremely information and used different adjustment layers I have never used. Thank you for that. Anyway, maybe talk a bit slower. Other than that, you rock!!!

  14. David Whittaker Avatar

    where is the iphone link?

  15. blackmantalking Avatar

    THANK YOU! Finally a Photoshop tutorial that is a REAL tutorial and not a glorified music video of someone working up a project.

  16. Yashu Shah Avatar

    Which app is this sir

  17. Whatever Avatar

    4:48 i can`t do Rasterize Layer it is light gray for me in PS…Why i can`t select it ?!??!Please Help!!

  18. Zoya Sharma Avatar

    wonderful awesome

  19. Mariana Kh Avatar

    thank you so much i've learn alot from you

  20. Issac Dhan Avatar

    Very wonderful. Thanks

  21. Frankie Farinola Avatar

    where is it ….hahahahaha

  22. deepthi k Avatar

    Liked the tutorial a lot. I'm a beginner and this was very useful and informative.
    Not sure why people have to comment about English accents. We all have different accents. Thank you for taking time to make this video.

  23. David Elstob Avatar

    Sheep was best choice – definitely!! Great tutorial, as always.

  24. CreativeShop Avatar

    Very good tutorial video.

  25. Nguyen Anh Avatar

    thank u so much for making the vid. there's one thing i'm concerned about is at the refine edge part. when i move my brush it works just like yours did but when i don't hold the mouse the line disappears. Is there anything wrong with my mouse or anything else??

  26. Fibz Avatar

    Your accent ! >_<

  27. Hruaia Siakeng Avatar

    Thank you,luv u man

  28. Zinna Alam Avatar

    woww many many thanks

  29. Kim Batchelor Avatar

    Great tutorial thank you

  30. Helen Jaza Avatar

    i like it, very nice. well done~

  31. ~Spook Wolf~ Avatar

    he never fixed the focus edge in the top right…

  32. Omer Sarica Avatar

    Ctrl+I is not working on my computer. Any alternatives?

  33. carlo testa Avatar

    Slow down talking. Not everybody is from India or Pakistan. Sorry to comment. You are good but only too excited and not everybody can follow you.

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