Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create an Apocalypse Scene

In this Photoshop tutorial I will show you how to create an Apocalypse scene using free downloadable stock images. You can add many different items to this style of manipulation. I know the man looks large compared to the rest. It was intentional. If you liked this tutorial, please don’t forget to smash that like button. It helps me out tons.

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Author: Norbert Nagel, Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0

This Image was released by the United States Marine Corps with the ID 110806-M-2021D-045
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0

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46 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create an Apocalypse Scene”

  1. RSG Avatar

    Notification Squad, woo! Love your vids.

  2. sophisticated Swanson Avatar

    How do I add the dust particles because trying to move it with the move to is hard since you can't see the image clearly.

  3. Felipe garay Avatar

    What's that song on 11:50 ?

  4. PH.MANUEL Avatar

    bro thats nuts….. made it too easy

  5. Y C Avatar

    Amazing! I love the result! Thanks for the tutorial, it´s very useful

  6. giannisniper96 Avatar

    absolutely gorgeous, thanks for uploading

  7. KyokoSagawa Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial^^ I'm still learning how to do those manipulations. It really helped

  8. mohamed hema Avatar

    can u tell me how can i get these photos please ?

  9. 王天霸 Avatar

    That's a show.well l am a designer in China .And how can l get your picture to design my own production

  10. THE HATE Avatar

    WOW realistic man !

  11. Von Villanueva Avatar

    Hey Man, i'm just starting to understand photoshop, but with your help, i'm learning much faster. I just finished this one, but with another model. haha, thank you

  12. Gifty Guri Avatar

    agar aap sath me bol kar sikha de toh bohat acha hoga …

  13. Gifty Guri Avatar

    Appki sabi video Bohat achi hai g

  14. Arsène Lupin Avatar

    LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!! I have my sis as a model and im recreating most of your tutorial work 😀 Thanks a lot man!

  15. AN WALKER Avatar

    11:10 flath eart theme song

  16. elStef Avatar

    Wow looks great

  17. Derek Colvin Avatar

    This video is awesome man! I actually switched it up a little and used downtown OKC and a prom pic of my daughter instead of the man. It turned out pretty dope. Wish I could upload in the comment lol… Thanks for these vids!

  18. Shine Avatar

    Where did you got the Blur Filters? I cant seem to find the Gaussion Blur and any other option you had. A Thank you in advance

  19. Monkey Hazzard Avatar

    can i ask you a question….it seems i cant find any raw camera ??? sobs sobs

  20. Mar Tin Avatar

    Really great videos!
    Can you help me how can i correct the explode smoke edges?

  21. Tr1x Sh4dows Avatar

    The man isn't available anymore, any ideas?

  22. 911 CHUNG Avatar

    Beautiful! Seems like a movie poster

  23. Nova politan Avatar

    Damn, using the pen tool to crop that guy out is gonna take a while

  24. Timothy Quiros Avatar

    Bruh that is bad ass!

  25. Miles Edgeworth Avatar

    Great tutorial! but i think you forgot to soften the edges around the two fireball smokes.

  26. Phoenix_SitH Avatar

    What version of Photoshop do you use? 🙂

  27. Photoshop Tutorials PS101 Avatar

    Such an insanely awesome tutorial!!!

  28. Eddiefied YT Avatar

    What Are the pixals used to make this.

  29. Eva Molló Avatar

    I like fantastic!

  30. Артём Брaн Avatar

    What to do if I don't have camera raw?

  31. Arabian_Arya Avatar

    Awesome Video!! Used this as a model and made a Fallout version with Power Armor! Love your tutorials

  32. BubbaFilms Avatar

    Hey, the man isn't avaliable anymore :((((

  33. Red Lynx Avatar

    can you do tips on finishing touches

  34. R1P thajacker Avatar

    I'm really new to all of this and want to get into it, so this may sound very stupid but was this done on a mac or pc? And is it any easier from desktop to laptop? Great job btw

  35. Fernando Tanusia Avatar

    Nice one dude! I really like it. Can you make more tutorials? (I'm just beginner :v)

  36. Thinking Simmer Avatar

    Your videos are amazing!! Don't you mind if i copy the picture you made and add my own words and put it on wattpad??

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