Photoshop Tutorial | How to Design Facebook Cover

In this photoshop cover design tutorial i will show you how to make a really creative banner for your facebook account.
This covers photo effects like watercolor and also patterns and lighting effect.
Very simple to follow and photoshop beginners can follow this tutorial without any problem.

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39 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial | How to Design Facebook Cover”

  1. Raj Thakkar Avatar

    In photoshop, Delete dialog box, i checked the don't show again checkbox, and that dialog box doesn't appear, and now if i want it, how can i get it back..???

  2. Sangam Agarwal Avatar

    awesome , very very helpful

  3. Avinasx Avatar

    That was a great edit

  4. Gab Flo1685 Avatar

    I love the way you describe all of the part of your vid, for the beginner like me i can follow all the stuff that you do two thumbs up man. Hope you have a tutorial on how to create basic flyers, business cards etc. KEEP IT UP MAN!

  5. G-Aaron Avatar

    best Photoshop guider in YouTube.. thanks

  6. Brices Mice Avatar

    Love your videos!

  7. Deep Shots Avatar

    Thanku Sir for Such a Good tutorials, actually I want to know can I get the download link of the patterens because I dont have patterens that you use.

  8. Captain Cold Avatar

    nice vidoe but theres a downside, when you upload it to facebook you'll lose a whole lot of quality (less for pages but still to much). So is there a way to achieve better quality when applying the file to facebook or is the compression just something that can't be adjusted?

  9. Logan Karan Avatar

    Hi Dhruval, I subscribed your channel long back and i admire your work and u are very good all i wanted to say is don't try to get rid of your Indian accent and make up some other accent it sounds very fake, try to be natural rather than trying to be someone else who you are not. Love u brother keep making videos i love it……….

  10. shaw Echeverria Avatar

    help me mine is white cant change any color usiing history brush tool

  11. shaw Echeverria Avatar

    thank u sir i learned so much

  12. MasoTbh Avatar

    exactly what size is it though ?

  13. David Caicedo Villalva Avatar

    Hello, plz Can u help me with a fb gaming cover? I have the idea but I don't have the knowledge 😀

  14. Alois Lemberger Avatar

    Thank you,very nice!

  15. Subham Das Avatar

    great tutorial….make a gif tutorial…your tutorials are really nice..

  16. Aishath Ilza Nasir Avatar

    Could you make a tailoring flyer or something

  17. Merlina Joseph Avatar

    your video tutorial always helping me. can you create one tutorial how to using the marquee tool to create three circles and then put the image into the circle. thanks.

  18. BD music zone Avatar

    Great work by you again. I saw lot of videos but your one is better than anyone…..

  19. babanpreet singh Avatar

    nice video sir plz make a video on how to make gif file in photoshop

  20. Sojol jhon Avatar

    I Love Your Tutorial ….Thank you very much

  21. Daxesh Radadiya Avatar

    which is the photoshop version?

  22. 8Lase Avatar

    but i can't find the color paper option ://

  23. Sébastien DELESTRE Avatar

    really really good tutorial thanks you

  24. Aryan Singh Avatar


  25. Aryan Singh Avatar


  26. shAyzee Avatar

    Thank you so much bro, u explained quite well on toturials nd i have actually learned alot from them…

  27. Georgina Ellmann Avatar

    Thank you for your tutorials.

  28. SmartBelieber Avatar

    You chose RGB Color because don't want to print it, right so what should I choose If I wanna print it?

  29. DaisyRidley Avatar

    Hey how do zoom in that quickly? Sorry I'm a beginner

  30. Jasim Uddin Avatar

    Bro, Always love your tutorial 🙂

  31. nikhil gupta Avatar

    you made it look so easy…i follow your each and every tutorial

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