Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Cartoon from a Photo

This photoshop tutorial Photo to cartoon effect How to make photo to cartoon effect.
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15 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Cartoon from a Photo”

  1. Stephen Gregory Avatar

    Have only just come across your Tutorial. Very informative and helpful. have tried it out on a couple of pictures and it works great. Thank you.
    Enjoyed the music as well. Who is the artist?

  2. Marinette Agreste-Dupain Avatar

    This was so great explained that even I could do it!! (I'm not precisely a genius at informatics) SO THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!!

  3. Elise Rusten Avatar

    i can't put artistic on is there any other ways i can do it??

  4. jon anderson Avatar

    Great tutorial…Nicely paced giving you enough time to remember each process while watching and switching between youtube and photoshop.

  5. Missy Bara Avatar

    Hm, a little silly to not show what you changed the edge and posterisation to…

  6. Моменты of LIFE Avatar

    У меня нету пикселизации

  7. Art Heart Avatar

    This is great, thanks.

  8. Visual Perception Avatar

    If only all tutorials were made this easy to follow. Thank you for sharing your skills.

  9. Dee Davis Avatar

    Is this possible on iPad

  10. Xunius Xu Avatar

    The orignial photo is already a cartoon, not realistic at all

  11. nics d Avatar

    great !!! thanks !!!

  12. Jatwone Reid Avatar

    Can u make me a cartoon

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