Photoshop Tutorial | Multi view Portraits | Photo Effect

This photo effect is actually inspired by portrait photography work of Brno Del Zou.
Here is link to the website:

So i saw this work online and first thing i thought was damn !! that is some good work, and second thing came to mind was it can be done in photoshop.

Ended up spending couple of days trying to recreate this in photoshop. it was difficult mainly due to the actual project that inspired was actually created in real world by printing pictures, so re creating lighting effects and shadows was really tricky.

But i finally managed to redo it in photoshop and the final photo effect was ready.

Its obviously not as realistic as the original was but i did my best to redo the effect and to be honest i am pretty happy with final portrait.

Hope you learn something from this photoshop tutorial, take care 🙂


Download Images ( provided by Faestock